Positivity in Gaming & Life

Too often heard around the shop.

I overheard two customers recently venting their frustration at a player who approaches League of Legends with an overwhelmingly positive mindset. The conversation went something like this:

Gamer 1: "He'll never give up! We could be behind 40 kills and he'll still think we can win!"

Gamer 2: "Yeah, at some point you just have to throw in the towel and quit."

Gamer 1: "Exactly! It's just a waste of time."

I've seen similar thoughts along the lines of surrendering at 20 when things get tough, and gamers voicing their frustration that they can "never just get an easy win."

I think this is the wrong approach to League of Legends, but also to many things we find challenging in life. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to League:

  1. Gold leads are still close at 20 minutes - Even if your team has been feeding all game, the gold edge is not insurmountable.
  2. Early, mid & late game play differs - As we gain abilities and items the complete structure and chemistry of the team changes. Often a team losing their lanes individually can come together to turn it around with a strong late game.
  3. Your opponents will make mistakes - Unless you're playing challenger tier, in which case I have yet to meet you, your opponents are guaranteed to make mistakes. It could be a poorly timed Baron that's ripe for stealing, or over-extending and getting picked, but the opportunity will present itself if you're patient.
Playing from behind is a part of the game and something everyone needs more practice at. You can turn a lot of the games that feel like you're losing by practicing the late-game roaming/team fighting phases, and even some games where you're completely buried.

This same concept translates to everything difficult you attempt in life. Nothing is easy, there is always struggle and short-term failure, and sometimes it feels like there is no way to bring it back. Quitting is the easy way out: a negative view on the world that it's just too hard, or X forces are working against you, or you're just not good enough.

There is too much of this negativity in our area, and I've never fully understood it, but our psyche is pervaded by the idea that we just can't have nice things. Take for instance this beautiful snow wolf a local artist recently sculpted just up the street from us in Stanwix park, which made it only 24 hours before having it's head knocked off.

Photo credit to Michael Brown / People & Places of Rome, NY FB group

Rome & CNY needs to step up it's game. We can do great things, and it may not always be easy, but we need to learn to appreciate the struggle and let it drive us forward. Don't quit, keep going. The hard fought victory is the best feeling because you know you earned it.
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