November 2016 Most Played Games

This November has been light on releases compared to years past, with consoles reaching their end of life and some major releases getting pushed out into early 2017 and beyond. Here at LAN Mob we're seeing both new and old games getting play: here are our top 5 currently most played games.

#5 Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare

We have 6 copies of the IW digital download + Seasons Pass in shop. The multiplayer has been a bit underwhelming so far, but players have enjoyed the co-op zombie mode, and we expect as the DLC starts to roll out this game will pick up play. Keep an eye out for a tournament coming later this year!

#4 Garry's Mod

The classic Steam hit has been getting steady play, and we recently started subscribing to popular Steam collections to help improve the mods available. This game is most played amongst the after-school crowd and early afternoons on weekends. If you have a specific mod you're interested in, talk to the staff and we'll get it on our download list.

#3 Overwatch

We're pretty evenly split between Xbox and PC players as it comes to Overwatch, with most play happening on weekday evenings, but you're likely to find someone at the shop at any given time who plays the game. There is a lot of excitement built up for the new character Sombra, a hacker-type who just arrived on Tuesday.

#2 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Remastered

This game has surprisingly outperformed the new Infinite Warfare with gamers young and old alike. It may be the nostalgia of playing a game from years back, or it may be the game is just better than what Infinite Warfare currently offers, but this one is getting constant play. We have the digital download so no disc swap needed, just come in, sit down, and boot up.

#1 League of Legends

Not a day passes that this game doesn't get played. The king of the MOBAS continues its reign as the #1 played game in shop. On any given night you'll find players climbing ranked, leveling up smurfs, grinding rank 7 characters or just relaxing with an ARAM game. We're also watching streams constantly, from LCS to Doublelift to QTPie. We have the League fever real bad.

Honorable Mention - Paladins

Dubbed "The Poor Man's Overwatch", this F2P game from the makers of Smite has been seeing some play lately. This is installed and ready on all our PCs, come give it try!
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