LAN Mob Gives Thanks!

Before we all eat ourselves into a coma tomorrow, we figured we'd post a collective blog for the holiday. What LAN Mob employees are thankful for -  


I won't name names but thank you to everyone who has supported us past & present. The last two months have been very difficult, and at times it felt like the universe was out to crush us, but it's starting to feel like we've regained our footing again. Dark times pass and better times are ahead. I'm thankful for an awesome Smash community showing up every Saturday; an amazing staff that's dedicated and constantly stepping up & making sacrifices; a community of gamers that I've grown increasingly attached to; meeting new gamers almost daily with new backgrounds, experiences, and world views; a booming 300-400 block of N James Street (good luck finding parking on a Friday night!); my family for continued support and encouragement; my employer for the flexibility and understanding to fit my very busy schedule; the good people at AmeriCU credit union for outstanding service and understanding; and lastly every customer who has shopped local and supported us - THANK YOU!


I was originally going to try to avoid being sappy and long-winded, but I'm going to do it anyway! (deal with it!) Whether Thanksgiving is a big event for you and your family or not, it's definitely a nice theme. Nothing grinds my gears more then people who live a completely self-indulgent lifestyle and do not consider the world around them, and in a way, Thanksgiving has a way of pulling people out of their own minds. Maybe it has something to do with parents screaming at people to get off their phones/stop taking selfies and eat together, but it's probably because FOOD. Either way, I'm a fan of Thanksgiving! Be thankful and humble, it's good for you! Let's see, firstly I'm incredibly thankful for LAN Mob and it's place in my life. It's pretty great to get up and go to a job that aligns with your passion at it's core. I'm thankful for our team here at LAN Mob (Bossman's vision, Enrique for making sure all the PCs don't blow up and Rob for being the clutch savior). Ironically enough, I'm thankful for my health. Despite some rocky roads the past few weeks, it's easy to compare personal ailments to other people in the world. A bad back and a nasty case of pneumonia is absolutely nothing compared to what some people deal with on a daily basis. I'm thankful for my friends and family for being solid support systems and keeping my focus aligned (and keeping me from becoming a NEET). Last, but certainly not least, I'm thankful for whoever is reading this/LAN Mob's community. What would LAN Mob be without our valued customers? You guys keep the dream alive, whether it be supporting our Smash streams, coming around the shop or even just reading our blogs we're honored to have your support. Thanks so much!

PS - I'm also super thankful that FFXV comes out in a few days. I can't wait to never sleep again.   


I'm thankful for the support I'm given from my friends and family. Most importantly I'm thankful Final Fantasy XV didn't get delayed again. Papa Bless.


Unfortunately, Enrique is unavailable today and suffering from massive poo brain. We have a pretty good idea of what he would like to say though - "I'm thankful for Bossman, Heroes of the Storm, waifus, and Bossman."
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