Ivern, The Green Father - 6.20 Jungle Guide

I've played (almost) exclusively Ivern since his release on October 5th. After 7 days and roughly 25 games I feel I've got a decent grasp on The Green Father. I wrote some very early impressions and a kit explanation here, check it out if you're interested in Riot's newest jungler.


My ultimate summary for Ivern is...well he's unfortunately under performing. Reaching an all time low of a 32.7% win-rate in the 6.20 patch, players are left with a feeling of disappointment. There are two major sides the community is taking in the discussion of Ivern, with the major one being he is simply too weak. In fact, this issue has even gained the attention of Riot themselves, as they employed a hot fix 2 days ago. The hot fix included increases to his health growth, magic resist, attack speed and attack speed growth, in an attempt to help the jungler catch up in the meta. The second side of the Ivern discussion, is he is simply a high mastery champion, requiring time for the community to play him to his potential. This discussion holds a huge weight thanks to the Diamond 3 player, "i make bush". With a 60% win rate in diamond with Ivern, this player is showing there's at least some potential for The Green Father. This thought process also falls in line perfectly with Bard, The Wandering Caretaker's original release. People preemptively decided the character was very bad, when in reality players just needed to take the time to master the champion.

Personally, I love Ivern. He's an absolute blast to play and is somewhat devastating in my elo, where players seem to lack map awareness and do not play around summoner spells. I like to start Gromp and blue buff, then steal away the enemy red and gank mid, which usually results in a first blood. He has a lot of potential when it comes to abusing weak lanes and his W makes for some very interesting objective control. Last but not least, Ivern's ultimate "Daisy!" is extremely underrated, causing absolute chaos in team fights and securing kills in duels I normally would have lost.  This is not to say Ivern has no weaknesses, as he has some very blaring ones. There was one specific play in top lane, against a Riven and a Nidalee with less then 100 hp, and I was unable to secure the kill on either champion, and died. I was annoyed, as almost any other jungler could have did the damage needed. I also think Ivern is incredibly weak to invasion, as he has almost no chance of winning a duel. While playing Ivern, I shudder in pick and ban stage when I see Evelyn, Kha'Zix and especially Lee Sin. Ultimately, the League of Legends community will learn how to play with Ivern and against him, then I'm sure his place in the meta will be a bit more clear.


I've messed around with different rune sets and masteries every single game, varying from Strength of the Ages and even Deathfire Touch, full tank rune pages and full AP. I will say, I think a Strength of the Ages tank build on Ivern is probably best, but I've found the most success with -

These pages have allowed me to win some fights I otherwise would not have, and do a surprising amount of damage early in the game.


Due to the way I've been playing Ivern, I prefer Skirmisher's Sabre with Runic Echoes. I then quickly go into Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Protobelt - 01. These items allow you to support your team while doing some damage. I think Rod of Ages isn't a bad buy if you manage to get it very early, due to it taking some time to go online. After this I build tanky, based off of my opponents.

To be honest I think I get away with a lot I shouldn't due to my elo/mmr, and I'm somewhat capable of baiting out bad fights thanks to Triggerseed and Daisy while my team collapses. I tend to gravitate towards characters for no reason, and Ivern has caught my attention 100%, and I'm going to continue to play him for even more insight. I think he fits team comps as a roaming support, and while that makes him a little less capable of things other junglers can do with ease, it opens up team comps to be set up to succeed. If you have any questions, comments or opinions on The Green Father, drop em in the comments below! Thanks for reading!
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