Aragami - Game Preview

I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to stealth games. I grew up playing Syphon Filter, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu, etc, and all of these titles stuck with me for years. Personally, I find stealth games to be one of the most challenging genres, not only to play, but I can only imagine what the development process is like. When it comes to stealth games, there's a very special interaction and exchange of information between the game and the player, unlike any other genre. Not to say these exchanges do not take place in other types of games, but due to the nature of stealth games, the player is relying on a lot more information to complete their tasks. For some people the stealth genre is too "boring" with a lot of periods of time spent waiting around. I would disagree, I believe there's plenty of intensity, it's just of a different nature. For me, the stealth genre has always been a test of patience and problem solving, forcing you to think on your feet and react to situations with a plethora of tools and understanding of your environment. Unfortunately some games in the genre distinctly do not give you an adequate amount of information or tools to complete your task efficiently. They continuously test your patience and rely on your ability to memorize as opposed to thinking on your feet, and while that's a way to go about it, it certainly isn't my favorite. The day before my birthday in 2012 (September 7th NEVER FORGET) Klei Entertainment released Mark of the Ninja, which I consider to be a benchmark of excellence in the genre. Mark of the Ninja did everything right, and while I'd like to dive into this with more depth, that is not what I'm currently writing about. (Just go play it, it's too good to not experience). After Mark of the Ninja I found myself comparing games in the genre to the golden standard and being a bit disappointed more often then not, however there is one game that has grabbed my attention and excitement, Lince Works' Aragami.

"Aragami - Control the Shadows"

Releasing tomorrow, Lice Works' has set the stage for what I desperately need, a fantastic stealth game. While I obviously haven't played the Tenchu/Mark of the Ninja inspired titled yet, Lince Works' has given the public many glimpses into the stealth title and I'm ecstatic. Aragami, the title character, has a plethora of supernatural abilities in his arsenal, level designs looks excellent and thee's even co-op! Aragami is available tomorrow on PS4 and Steam, and if you're looking for a new stealth titled with a lot of potential, look no further. I plan on writing a review after I sink my teeth into the game, so be on the look out for that!

 Check out the first 13 minutes of gameplay below!

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