Video Game Soundtracks - Back to School Tip

I’ve been back at school for 2 weeks now and that means tons of hours spent on studying and working on projects. My gaming time has been shaved down to nearly non-existent and often find myself heavily distracted by the endless pit that is the internet. Sometimes it’s hard to get engaged in a work project when there are so many different things I’d rather be doing. I think we’ve all been there. I stumbled upon a solution last year that helps mitigate the mental drain of doing homework and other projects and fill the loss of my gaming experiences!

Music is the go-to passive indulgence media. While our other senses are engaged in reading and writing, our hearing sense can be satisfied by rocking tunes through our ear waves. Why do I choose video game soundtracks for my studying playlists? Because they’re designed with atmosphere in mind. Playing songs from my favorite artists, bands, musicals or whatever will inevitably draw my attention away from the task at hand. Rocking something like Perfect Situation by Weezer will only result in me rocking out, singing along in my bedroom which, while super enjoyable, is counter-productive!

Perfect Situation - Weezer 

Most of the music that we listen to is designed as its own stand-alone art. Video game soundtracks provide a plethora of phonic gems that are designed with atmospheric amplification in mind. Unlike traditional music, VG music actually strives to augment your experience instead of being the main experience itself. This limits the distraction potential while listening to it while still providing an auditory stimulus for your eardrums. These are the reasons I believe Video game soundtracks should be in everybody’s study playlist. You very well might find some tracks that stand alone on their own in traditional music experiences.

Don’t know where to start? Youtube user: SuperRedGames has actually already put together plenty of hour long playlists specifically designed with studying in mind. Complete with corresponding pictures, timestamps, and track titles for every song! This has been my go-to channel for the past three semesters and the channel has still been getting actively updated! I truly appreciate the work that has gone into making these playlists and think you should check the channel out the next time you have to write an essay or do a research project. You are sure to take walks down nostalgia lane and discover all new favorite tracks.

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