On Reaching 1 Year

Today we are closed for Labor Day to rest after a very busy summer, and taking the time to celebrate the company turning 1 year old.  One year!  Looking back it's almost head scratching how we made it this far without the wheels falling off.  We'd like to take a moment to reflect on where we started, where we're at presently, and where we're heading in the future.

Where we started

I remember our very first day when we officially "opened" for business.  I had expected a horde of people banging on the glass waiting to get inside, but the reality was some very anemic early days, including humbling days with $0 in sales.  For as well as we had done with building LAN Mob, we were completely unprepared to sell it.  Over the last twelve months we've all done a terrific job together as a team to catch up, and are still learning & improving each day.

There have been significant growing pains along the way.  I've had to learn to become a better manager, something I still fail at from time to time but have improved on.  There have been difficult moments personally, and I found myself nearly throwing in the towel on a handful of occasions (Shia LeBouf talked me out of it twice).  I've had to learn to balance stress and my personal health; one very difficult phone call I made in November put me sick in bed for days.  This was all worked through with time, patience, support from the LAN Mob team, and a lot of gaming therapy.  In addition everyone who works at LAN Mob has had to learn to manage considerable levels of responsibility above what was expected of them at previous jobs, and they've done so gracefully.  It has been a difficult and rewarding road.

Where we are now

A glance at our metrics gives us a pretty good view of how far we've come!

636 in-store user accounts
5,500+ monthly blog page views (July/August average)
1,335 Facebook likes (Average 4.8/5 star review!)
220 Twitter followers
161 Twitch followers

The business is still on the climb to profitability, but I think it is safe to say we're out of that red danger zone and in the yellow caution zone, while on a positive growth path to the green.  We are taking the time this week to show our appreciation to our regular customers, and reach out to those we haven't seen in a while; check your mailboxes this week for some special in-store offers!

Where we're headed

In the short-term LAN Mob is in a transition to a more digitally focused company.  The LAN aspect is still at our core and isn't going anywhere, but we're facing the reality that it's impossible to grow a business quickly these days without selling on the Internet.  So we're spending a lot of time focusing on our product and how that translates to a global audience.  This is why you've seen an increase in Blog and Twitch activity lately, and we have a lot more planned!

As for the LAN side of the business, we believe Rome can support a larger LAN and have eventual plans for a much larger space in Rome.  We also believe there is room for growth into new LANs in other cities & locations as well.  We're not sure yet where our first new LAN will pop up, but when we do you blog readers will be the first to know.

Stepping back and taking a more holistic view to what we offer and how customers consume it, the looming prospect of job automation will likely create a lot more free time for humanity over the next decade.  We believe gaming is going to take up a greater part of people's lives going forward out of pure necessity.  So when it comes to designing the next-generation LAN we have a lot of ideas for what that space can look like, and the opportunities more square footage offers to us.  There are interesting overlaps with industries aligned with gaming, and we feel that the next LAN we design could be creating the gold standard for the Northeast in regards to LAN culture and video game careers.  We want to set the bar for what a LAN should be.


Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us through VIP memberships, day passes, night passes, BAWLS, lock-ins, tournaments, online donations & more.  We deeply appreciate each and every trip you make to the shop, and some of you have grown to become close friends to us.  Here's to a great year and more to come!

1 year old
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