Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - Mercedes Guide - Tips & Tricks for The Fairy Queen

Mercedes, The Fairy Queen
"Little Fairy"

At this point in Odin Sphere, players have controlled 2 characters, Cornelius and Gwendolyn. Both Gwendolyn and Cornelius were melee combo characters with a mixture of POW abilities and resource Magic, and played in a similar way, However, when players enter Book 3, "Fairyland" and take control of Mercedes, The Fairy Queen, everything you thought you knew about Odin Sphere gets turned on it's head.

Mercedes wields the legendary "Riblam", the psypher crossbow, making her a completely ranged character, the first and only ranged character in the game. Personally I am not a huge fan of Mercedes' play style and everyone I've talked to regarding Mercedes agrees that the initial switch to her character is utterly jarring. Not only is Mercedes completely ranged but she has multiple unique traits and abilities that maker her the most complicated character in the game. However, despite her very unique play style, Mercedes is capable of some incredible combos and damage with proper positioning, timing and resource management. Not to mention Mercedes' story lines is one of my favorites, weaving a tale of growing up, responsibility and perseverance. If you haven't checked out my Gwendolyn and Cornelius guides, or are unfamiliar with Odin Sphere in general check out the previous posts!

There's a lot of new mechanics going on with Mercedes, and she can be incredibly frustrating to try to master. First off, each bullet fired from Riblam depletes your POW gauge, severely limiting the damage you are capable of doing before you need to let your POW gauge refill. Thankfully, Mercedes is capable of refilling her POW gauge on demand, a trait unique to the fairy queen. Mercedes can idle on the ground for 2 seconds to cock Riblam and gain all of her POW gauge back, and continue firing. On top of her normal POW attacks and abilities, Mercedes' Riblam will also glow red after a single second, meaning it can fire a larger shot, for no POW cost. These mechanics work in tandem to give Mercedes a very rhythmic play style revolving around reloading and managing resources, more so then any other character.  

Mercedes, being Queen of the Fairies, is also capable of flight. Activated by jumping and holding the jump button Mercedes will stay aloft, moving quicker and becoming more capable to take advantage of her ranged attacks and air dodges. Flight has no time limit but isn't as all powerful as it would initially seem, due to a few limiting factors. Mercedes can not block in flight but most importantly, Riblam cannot be reloaded in mid air, making landing inevitable. Flight is definitely useful, but I would not recommend relying on it too frequently due to it's soft cap. There are some passives that work well in tandem with flight, but you will still need to land eventually.


Slip Slide - Mercedes slides along the ground, firing multiple piercing shots upwards that will return back to the ground, dealing damage again. Slip Slide is fantastic for re positioning and getting to a safe area to reload. Not to mention it helps build up a massive chain.

Energy Shot - Mercedes fires a piercing laser forward that deals damage multiple times and immediately breaks any guard.  Although Energy Shot has a heavy resource cost, it's ability to break any guard on top of adding to your overall chain is solid. Energy Shot can also be used mid flight to destroy those pesky flying enemies rather quickly, or at least ground them.


Unlike Cornelius and Gwendolyn, the majority of Mercedes' best abilities are magic. I definitely recommend utilizing the "Restore" potion for extended fights. To create "Restore" simply Mix a Material and 2 Carroteers.

Round Shot - A very basic spell, Round Shot fires a massive fireball in front of Mercedes. Round Shot uses very little PP, pierces and can hit an entire side of the map if Mercedes' is mid flight, so keep this simple spell equipped and upgraded.

Spread Shot - A personal favorite, Spread Shot is my bread & butter for Mercedes. Firing a plethora of shots in starting forward and slowly angling upwards, Spread Shot covers a massive amount of space and spikes your chain quickly and easily. I recommend leveling Spread Shot early and keeping it equipped throughout Book 3.

Unlimited Ammo - Self explanatory but amazing nonetheless. Based on the level of the skill Unlimited Ammo will allow Mercedes to fire Riblam with no limits. This skill makes airborne Mercedes an absolute menace!

Brionac - Mercedes' ultimate ability. Brionac is the weakest ultimate ability up to this point, but still devastating, capable of wiping all enemies on screen. Brionac uses a massive amount of PP and can completely whiff on smaller enemies but is a cinematic display of  Vanillaware's incredible art style.

"Brionac", Mercedes' cinematic ultimate ability. 

***Spirit Call/Banshee Call/Pixie Call - I certainly do not recommend exclusively using these abilities, but they have a very interesting synergy. Each of these "Call" abilities spawns a familiar that will fire magic alongside Mercedes. Spirit is not only the best familiar but is incredibly potent when paired with Unlimited Ammo. Spirit Call summons a group of faeries that fire forward, Banshee Call summons a familiar that fires along the ground and Pixie Call's familiar fires in an aerial arc. With the help of Restore potions and Unlimited Ammo these abilities have the potential to rip a boss to shreds with relative ease, not to mention filling up your entire TV screen with magical bullets.


I believe that passives are the trick to playing Mercedes to her full potential, more so than any other character. Before I get into her best passive skills, take a look at my mid-game Mercedes build -

Ignoring my embarrassing flub at 1:35 ( I was trying so hard to Slip Slide out of danger, but unfortunately failed to notice my utter lack of a POW gauge), did you notice the consistent spikes in my POW gauge?

Power Recovery - The single most vital ability in Mercedes' kit. Power Recovery recovers POW gauge whenever you defeat an enemy. As you can see above this skill allows Mercedes to front a constant offensive when there are many enemies, or allow her to deal enough damage to buy the time to reload.

First Shot - Another unique passive, First Shot allows Mercedes' 1 second charge shot to charge up even faster. Great for buying extra time to disengage and reload without dropping your combo.

Skill Link - Exactly the same as Gwendolyn's and Corenlius' Skill Link, deal more damage based on the number of skills you have used in the current chain. Works best with Round Shot and Spread Shot.

Assault High - Deal more damage based off how high your current chain is. Works in tandem with Skill Link and the multitude of multi-hit shots in Mercedes' arsenal. 

Despite disliking Mercedes' play style early on, once you earn some of her Passive skills and late game spells she becomes an absolute monster and I had a much different view point. Vanillaware utilizes Mercedes' incredibly captivating story line to keep players invested until they hit that spike in skill and abilities to get pretty good at controlling the young Fairy Queen. In fact I got so used to Mercedes and her unique place in Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir -

So there we have it! My first max combo with a character I initially didn't even enjoy. I'm extremely interested in Mercedes, especially taking into account the massive synergy her abilities possess and would love to see/hear from you guys! Anything to add or questions to ask? Lemme know in the comments! Lastly, to anyone unfamiliar with Odin Sphere check out my previous guides or check out their official website. I'm currently working on an Oswald, The Shadow Knight guide and I hope to finish his story soon. Thanks for reading!

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