Meet the Smash Contenders - Part 2 Groups C&D

This is part 2 of a 2-part series featuring the lives of our yearly Smash invitational players.  Our yearly 16-player tournament featuring over $600 in cash & prizes and a grand prize regional sponsorship will be broadcast live this Saturday October 1st at 2pm on

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 and getting to know a bit more about the people behind the gamer tags.  Today we're rounding out our player biographies with Groups C & D.

Group C - GnG, Fruitsnack, JTYME & Taggles

GnG out of New Hartford, NY is currently studying Data Processing, Programming & Systems with a projected graduation of December 2016.  His favorite food is eggs and he enjoys long walks on the beach.  "Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of armoring through aerials and dropping hot sticky eggs on disgusting Cloud pickers."

Fruitsnack out of New Hartford, NY is in his first semester of college majoring in Photography. His introduction to gaming came from his father with Ocarina of Time, eventually graduating on to Pokemon and discovering SSB4 at last year's SUNY-IT Fragfest in November 2015.  He's also spent extensive time playing TF2 and LoL.  Fruitsnack dabbles in guitar and enjoys a variety of music. "I listen to mostly jam bands/classic rock, like Grateful Dead/Phish and some other lesser known music like Neutral Milk Hotel."

JTYME out of Herkimer, NY is employed at Remington Arms manufacturing Marlin guns.  His first exposure to video games was with the game StarTropics on Nintendo, graduating to Zelda on Super Nintendo and today can be found playing WoW.  He considers the most difficult part of his life Army basic training.  "Being an 18 year old in the grown up world and doing everything on your own while getting screamed at is always interesting."

Taggles out of Rome, NY works as a Behavior Specialist Assistant at UCP while studying for his masters degree in Clinical Psychology.  He was a competitive swimmer from high school through college, and has enjoyed video games throughout his life.  He struggled through his 1st and 2nd years of college with serious bouts of depression but has been able to pull himself out and get better.  "I didn't grew up with wolves. but everyone who knows me knows I have a passion for wolves. I also believe it is my spirit animal."

Group D - CJ, Xifaxan, Kindrid Skylar, Rolo

CJ out of Utica, NY is not well known to the community, appearing at our major events and annihilating the fields before disappearing just as quickly.  We're not 100% sure but we think he may be a ninja.

Xifaxan out of Rome, NY has worked in various fields such as food business, hardware stores, stagehand work and presently in an office job.  He's played various instruments including guitar, bass, and drums.  "I'm enjoying the simple, single life of working, lifting, gaming, consuming caffeine and hanging out with cats.  I'm hoping to expand my horizons in every aspect."

Kindrid Skylar out of Rome, NY (aka Hype God Kindrid) can often be found playing League of Legends around the shop.  "When this hype train starts, THERE IS NO STOPPIN IT!"

Rolo out of New Hartford, NY is currently attending college with a projected graduation date of May 2017.  Rolo recently led Team LML - a platinium/diamond mixed team - to a win in MVCC's League of Legends 5v5 tournament.
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