Harmony and Balance - World of Warcraft Legion - Monk Campaign Summary

World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Legion, has been a generally very positive experience for me. I've loved the time I've spent in The Broken Isles, whether it be questing, pet battling, doing dungeons or picking roses in Suramar that sell for way too much, I feel I've always had something to do. One of the best focus points of Legion is "order halls", which are essentially a hub world of quests, follower management, artifact development and other events specific to your class. Of these other events, every class is tasked with an over arcing quest chain specific to their class titled their "Campaign". I have been running a Night Elf Monk, so in my case this campaign was entitled "Monk Campaign." These campaigns are very long, and a little grindy, forcing players to wait up to several days for their followers to return from vital missions. This never bothered me too much. I always saw it as something to look forward to, working through each step of the story line. I think Blizzard took extra care to make these quest chains very memorable through out, really stressing what your class is all about. The only negative thing is to see all of these quest lines you would need to level up a character to 110 and grind them out, which is a ton of time. These quests are dripping with lore and awesome moments so I figured I'd share my experience with the Monk Campaign for anyone who doesn't plan to play a monk, or is just interested in general! After multiple ventures to Pandaria to assist with the Legion plague, days and days of waiting for my best followers to return from dangerous missions and hours of The Monkey King following me around speaking in riddles and talking about dookins and slammin', I was finally ready to undertake the finale of my campaign, entitled "The Storm Brew". To anyone unfamiliar with the monk's campaign to this point, I'll do a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Legion is invading and causing devastation all across Azeroth, with Pandaria being no exception. The Legion brings on the destruction of The Peak of Serenity and the death of the Grandmaster of Monks, Grandmaster Hight. Following his untimely death, it is up to you to take over the title of Grandmaster and lead a defense against the Legion. After some time, the same demon who was responsible for the attack on The Peak of Serenity, Lady Keletress, has now set her sights on Tian Monastary. Upon arriving and defeating a multitude of demons, you see monks being led into portals by Vrykul loyal to the Legion. You track them to the Gates of Valor and free many of your fellow monks, and discover a powerful Vrykul brew called "Storm Brew." After drinking some and utilizing it's strength, you seek out the creator of the magical brew, Brewmaster Melba. You track her down to a remote location in Highmountain, only to find her apprentice, Aegira, who tells you of Melba's passing. Aegira informs you the brew you tasted at the Gates of Valor was weak, and nothing compared to the original brew of Melba. After helping her avenge Melba's death and acquire the recipe for the brew, you must collect a variety of ingredients from a variety of places to recreate it. Upon gathering water from the spring of Freya, hops that grow in the Emerald Dream and Odyn's Cauldron, you are ready to create the Storm Brew. 

The Storm Brew

Once all the ingredients are gathered, Aegira and Chen Stormstout are prepared to brew the legendary drink with your help. However, Lady Kelletress took her fight very close to The Temple of The Five Dawns. You take Tak-Tak's kite to the nearby Morning Breeze Village only to be presented with war. Felguard are everywhere and you are forced to trust in your monk brethren to ward off the demons as you ride through The Ridge of Laughing Winds and into The Valley of Sighs. At the end of The Valley of Sighs sits a temple, free of all violence. Upon entering the well lit monastery, you see that Chen Stormstout and Aegira await your assistance. They are in the middle of brewing the powerful Storm Brew and need your help defending Odyn's Cauldron. After fighting a multitude of demons with their sights on the Cauldron, the brew is finished and you have the honor of drinking some for the upcoming battle. Storm Brew gives you a buff that states "All damage reduced by 50%, crit chance increase by 50%." Lady Keletress wastes no time challenging you, Chen and Aegira to battle, mocking the traditions of Pandaria. Thanks to Chen and Aegira's help, on top of the Storm brew buff, you make very short work of Keletress. "The Legion witch is dead!". You ride back to Morning Breeze Village to meet with Li-Li and her Uncle Chen, Aegira, Taran Zhu, The Monkey King, Hiro, Angus Ironfist and even Sylara Steelsong.

Chen toasts, (Keone Young's voice acting in this sequence was INCREDIBLE) "When the Burning Legion arrived, they took much from us. Many of us still grieve for our fallen friends. We long for the yesteryears of peace. And like you, I fear dark days are yet to come...but...today is NOT that day. Today we celebrate the dawn of a new order! Today we toast to friendship and fellowship!  Under the Grandmaster's leadership let everyday be a new dawn! Let us never give up the fight for another tomorrow! To the Grandmaster!" The village cheers and Aegira becomes a follower, joining the Order and accepting you as a master equal to Melba. You are also awarded the in game title of "Grandmaster", the Grandmaster chest piece (830 item level), a new artifact relic and a ton of artifact power. You can head back to the order hall now, but if you walk up to some of the monks in the village they have stuff to say to you, one of them being "To be a monk is to strive for harmony and balance. There is no one better to lead us then you." I liked that.

Upon arriving back at The Temple of Five Dawns, Iron Body Ponshu tells you to present your artifact weapon to the Forge of the Roaring Mountain. You get a prompt on the screen called "Commander's Valor" to hold up Fu-Zan, The Wanderer's Companion to the forge and unlock the next relic slot and a few artifact appearances. 

Fu-Zan, The Wanderer's Companion - The Monkey King's Burden

I loved this quest. In fact, "The Storm Brew" may be one of my favorite quests in World of Warcraft to this point. These order halls and artifacts already give a lot of weight to your choice of class and specialization focus, but the campaign, at least in my experience, adds even more. It was cool to have Chen Stormstout as a follower, train up monks in Tiger and Ox style and drink all sorts of weird alcohol. I've also started my Rogue order hall and that doesn't disappoint either. Now, I'm not a connoisseur of World of Warcraft, I came in to the game late, and I've played on and off at best, but I think that these order hall campaigns are pretty special and the writer's did an excellent job at making you actually care about what's happening. I just want to play them all now, just to see what they're like! I hope to play through all of my rogue's order campaign and maybe boost a druid. I'll roll a dice or something, and try to budget the time. What Campaign did you complete or is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Help me decide what class to do next!

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