The Rise of the Demon Hunter

There's certainly a lot of hype around World of Warcraft's new expansion, "Legion", and rightfully so!  The game has plenty of people who play regularly.  Some of the games veterans have been around since vanilla and keep coming back for the "new thing" each expansion. I am definitely guilty of this, but I don't mind! There is so much to cover in the days leading to Legion's release; PvP changes,  class changes,110 level cap, the new continent and all its end-game content, but I'd like to focus on the new hero class: Demon Hunter.

The Demon Hunter is only the second hero class that's been revealed since WoW was released in late 2004.  Since the success of Death Knights in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, it has never been a question of if Blizzard would create another hero class, but of when.

That time has finally come!  If you've preordered "Legion" you can create your own Demon Hunter as early as today, August 9th!  Here's what I've learned about the elven outcasts:

Not Few In Numbers

The only races who can pick the Demon Hunter (DH) class are Night Elves and Blood Elves.  Furthermore, you may only have one Demon Hunter on any realm as long as you have a character of level 70 or higher on that realm.  There's still going to be Demon Hunters everywhere, don't worry

Less Is More

This hero class will be the first class ever to only have two specializations.  The reason for this is that developers did not want to "water down" the identity of the DH, and healing just didn't make much sense.  So the class specializations are Havoc (melee DPS) and Vengeance (tank).  Both look incredibly fun

Waste No Time

When you first make your DH you'll be very close to the current level cap, sitting as a beefy level 98 monster and having no idea what your buttons do (yet).  Unlike other classes, your talent tree begins at level 99 and continues every two levels from 100-110.

Reach New Heights

Seriously.  Demon Hunters can double jump, backflip and glide.  This follows suit of the monk's noticeably high mobility and is paving the way for the shift in how Blizzard wants WoW to play in 2016.  With the recent years of the game showing massive class overhauls, there's definitely a vision for how the game is meant to be played, impacting the development of new content to make WoW feel much more interactive.  


Demon Hunters feature the revamped resource from Demo Warlocks, "Demonic Fury", that functions with the many DH builder-spender abilities.  It acts similarly to Warrior rage or Shaman maelstrom; you build up fury from certain abilities while in combat and expend the resource to unleash your many flashy moves.  

We Aren't All The Same

Rather than most of the race customization in the game, Demon Hunters take it a step further.  

On top of the usual skin and hair color variations, they also have the ability to customize their blindfolds and horns, as well as their tattoos and tattoo color.  Furthermore, typical armor sets have been modified for Demon Hunters to reveal these features, when they otherwise wouldn't.

Fel For You

Now, what is a hero class with out a BRAND NEW MOUNT?!

Introducing The Felsaber.  Available at level 100 right in the DH starting zone.  Are you not yet sold on the hypest expansion to date? I am.

That about wraps up all the basics you need to know for the Demon Hunter.  There is plenty of beta content available if you're still on the fence about heading back to Azeroth.  I know Sage, Scarskull and myself will all be putting time in on our respective DH's.  I'll be rolling Vengeance for my DH, and I'll be the best tank on the whole server! Or at least in my LFR premade.... As an off-tank....
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