Playing Smash 4 With a Music Playlist (No Johns)

In a world where Smash/competitive fighting gamers play with their own personal playlists. 

Our small Smash 4 scene has been kicking for 10 months now and in all that time I have never tried playing, in friendlies or in tournament, while listening to music with headphones.  You see it all the time in amateur and pro levels of play and I figured (finally) to see how I handled without listening to the in-game music.  Call me a fool, but I've certainly been missing out.

It's a really simple thing to talk about and a lot of you may be wondering why I'm even taking the time to talk about this.  My biggest concern was always whether or not listening to my jams would impact my play negatively; not being able to hear the in-game sound, being too focused on the music.  Would I pick the right music?  Could it actually make that much of a difference?  There's plenty of people who play without music and do just fine, so was it even worth trying?  

One thing that I realized while playing was how absolutely focused I was on the match.  It wasn't until then when I realized just how distracted I'd been getting by outside distractions.  It was easier to recognize my mistakes in missing my punishes and scrub flubs like missing inputs (Sheik Dair am I rite?)  Most importantly, however, music isn't a cure for poor play, but rather a supplement to help take your game to the next level.  There's always so much to learn.

So yes, it can be worth carrying those headphones around and taking the extra 30 seconds to get situated before your match.  Not only does it give you a second for mental prep before your games, but you allow yourself to be removed from auditory distractions during your games.  So what music is the best music to grind smash on?

What I ended up realizing was that it didn't matter what I was listening to so much as long as I was comfortable in my chair.  What did matter was getting the right volume.  Too loud isn't good, too quiet might not be either.  Everyone has different musical tastes, and in the same manner will have different genres that they feel will help optimize their performance.  I know what I like!  Personally, I found that a mix of Nujabes (Modal Soul), Chon (Grow), as well as the occasional Titus Andronicus track to get the blood pumping helped me focus on the game.  

As a general rule, I would recommend staying away from songs that have a lot of lyrical content as it just adds another distraction.  Unless you find that song lyrics don't affect your play!  I feel that I'm in that boat myself, but that's certainly not for everyone.  Music is supposed to foster a creative and enjoyable mindset.  Here's one that gets me going in practically any situation.  

So do like Dabuz and FOCUS!  Play those sweet jams and leave it on the battlefield.  I highly recommend this with any game that induces high levels of stress.  So let's hear it from the players themselves!  Do you play with music? What do you think are some great songs to listen to?  Share the love, it could be what I find myself listening to at the next LML!

Nujabes' Modal Soul (2005)

CHON's Grow (2015)
Titus Andronicus' The Most Lamentable Tragedy (2015)

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