Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - Cornelius Guide - Tips and Tricks for The Pooka Prince

Cornelius, The Pooka Prince
"Little Pooka"
"Noble Prince of Titania"

Cornelius, The Pooka Prince, is the main character of the second book in Odin Sphere. Cornelius' book is probably my favorite in the game, partly due to the plot twists and Cornelius' ambition, but mostly due to how amusing he is to play as. Cornelius is an absolute combo-fiend, with a plethora of ways to control enemies and move around the map. Cornelius wields the powerful "Psypher Sword", is adept in lightning magic, and is a very proficient spinner. I'm talking duodecuple 
back flips. He spins a lot. As you can see, Cornelius is a small rabbit-like creature, which is a part of his book's story line, but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't played. I will say however, Corenlius' story takes place before Gwendolyn's, which is all part of the story of Odin Sphere's charm. Despite taking place before Gwendolyn's story, the difficulty is taken up a notch, introducing a few new mechanics and more enemies.

Like I said, Cornelius loves to spin, and it's honestly his biggest asset. Cornelius is the most mobile of the 5 main heroes, with the majority of his POW abilities sending him spinning like a top, on top of his normal combo attacks which involve a lot of movement as well. I think his kit allows him the unique strength of separating enemies from one another when needed, and dispatching them quickly, or grouping them all up for easy combos and a massive chain. When Cornelius isn't trying to be a Beyblade, he is capable of some really strong lightning magic. In Odin Sphere, lightning magic has the added effect of "dizzying" enemies, allowing Cornelius to follow up with even more damage while his enemies are stunned. Another similarity to Gwendolyn, Cornelius has a very good balance of POW abilities, and PP magic, allowing you to budget resources pretty efficiently. If you haven't yet, please check out my Gwendolyn guide! One very cool thing to note about Cornelius is his ability to slam his opponents against the edge of the screen, allowing him to line up a follow up. I demonstrate this among other things in an early combo video -


Spiral Claw -  Probably Cornelius' best ability. Cornelius acts as a drill, spinning with incredible force. While Cornelius is spinning players can angle themselves up or down as well, to carry enemies wherever they see fit. Spiral Claw is not only great for getting a high chain and doing decent damage, it also allows you to carry a specific enemy or enemies high into the air to be dealt with solo. Cornelius' bread & butter, keep it equipped and upgraded for sure.

Whirling Blade - Another ability I definitely recommend utilizing throughout your play-through, thanks to it's many uses. Whirling Blade is great at gathering up enemies on the ground, sucking them into a spinning Cornelius. Not only does Whirling Blade do great AOE damage and earn a high chain, but at the end of Whirling Blade all enemies are ejected from the vortex and slammed into the wall, allowing a follow up. Whirling Blade can also reflect projectiles. Lastly, Whirling Blade CAN be used in the air, but Cornelius will quickly descend. This ability has a lot of uses, and I recommend leveling it up early.

Streak Slash - Utilized in the exact same way that Gwendolyn's Beak Drive is, Streak Slash is used to reposition. Streak Slash allows Cornelius to avoid frontal boss attacks and slip behind them to continue a combo. Not to mention Streak Slash is visually stunning.


Spark Bolt - The first spell Cornelius learns, and one of his best. Cornelius fires a small electric bolt that damages and stuns enemies in a small area in front of him. Spark Bolt isn't flashy and it doesn't do a ton of damage, but for just a small amount of PP it can stun, which is a huge advantage for obvious reasons and works in tandem with some of Cornelius' passives.

Plasma Circle - Another ability with a ton of uses. Plasma Circle surrounds Cornelius in 3 lightning orbs that do damage, stun enemies, reflect certain projectiles and passively keep your chain going. I highly recommend constantly keeping Plasma Circle up for boss fights and other challenging combat rooms. It's too good to not! Plasma Circle also has the unique effect of keeping enemies within it's circle when they should get knocked back, allowing for even more combos.

Lightning Saber - Cornelius' flashiest ability. Lightning Saber allows Cornelius to warp around at breakneck speeds leaving a lightning trail in place of his dash attack, while all of his attacks have lightning orbs added on to them. I wouldn't call Lightning Saber a necessity due to it's high resource cost and low damage, but it's worth noting it's possibilities. Lightning Saber is a ton of fun and makes clearing out easier rooms flashy and borderline funny.

Caladbolg - Cornelius' ultimate ability. Very similar to Gwendolyn's in both use and style, Cornelius launches a cinematic flurry of lightning charged sword slashes, dealing heavy damage to all VISIBLE enemies. So unlike Gwendolyn's, it will only do damage to the enemies on the screen, not in the entire zone. Caladbolg is great for finishing off a group of troublesome enemies quickly and easily.


Assault High - Allows Cornelius to deal more damage based off of how high his current chain is. Obviously very good on Cornelius as most of his POW abilities are multi-hit moves, and his lightning spells can stun targets, allowing free combos. 

Skill Link - Cornelius will deal more damage based off of how many skills he has used in the current chain. Obvious, but I cannot stress the noticeable difference in damage on your 5th Spiral Claw in a combo.

Stun Enhancement - Makes all stuns cause by Cornelius' lightning magic last longer. Self-explanatory but works in tandem with -

Stun Striker - Cornelius deals more damage to stunned foes.

Just like in my Gwendolyn guide  I'd like to note all of Corenlius' abilities are unique and feel free to invest in abilities not mentioned here, they all have their uses. The listed abilities are simply what I found most effective in damage, chains and resource management. I've had a lot of fun messing around with Lightning Saber, Mega Spark, Strike Ray and even Thundercloud. My next guide should be coming soon, and I'll be focusing on the third character, Mercedes, The Fairy Queen. Any thoughts or comments on Cornelius? Let me know! I'm particularly interested in Lightning Saber and it's uses and will probably continue to explore it's possibilities. Lastly, if you are unaware of what Odin Sphere is, I cannot recommend it enough. Leifthrasir, the modern retelling, is available on multiple platforms and the original game is on PS2 and digitally on PS3. Thanks for reading guys!


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