My World of Warcraft Experience - Return for Legion

The first time I ever even tried out Blizzard's World of Warcraft, I was around 14 years old. I made a Tauren Druid and fumbled around for 2 hours, but overall enjoyed myself.  My best friends went on to play a lot of World of Warcraft, getting stoked for each expansion while I sat listening to their stories about a world I knew nothing about. I had no qualms with the MMO, I just simply didn't have a decent PC. Finally in the summer of 2009, after acquiring a pretty decent laptop, I dived in. This summer was a bit of a blur for me, because I played A LOT. I was still in high school, but was on summer break, and outside of working everyday, I filled up most of my free time in Azeroth. I joke about this time period frequently however, despite the common misconceptions, it was an incredibly social time for me. I had the pleasure of playing with my best friends, in a guild called "Up All Night" where we ultimately spent our time screwing around. I got really into Herbalism and made an insane amount of money that I would use to buy stupid stuff in the auction house, get scolded by my veteran guild mates, and do it again. I regret nothing.

A rare document of my I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON era

Ultimately, when the school year rolled back around, I quit, but I'll never forget that summer. It was quite the experience for me. It was my first MMO (with any depth) and I met new people and got closer to my guild mates. Unfortunately, I don't remember why, but I lost that BattleNet account. Uruyu, my Night Elf hunter, was lost to the void. RIP. My guildmates continued on and off and despite being tempted to return, I didn't for a while. Once again, it wasn't due to "addiction" or even subscriptions, I just didn't want to put in the time. I spent those years playing every single game I could get my hands on, from PS2 backtracking, to the newest Xbox 360 titles. I played everything, and our guildmate "Scarskull" joined me in a lot of these adventures, while still juggling WoW off and on. However when every new expansion came around, Slooze, Scarskull and friends would always give it the time it needed, which I thought was awesome. Mists of Pandaria released in September of 2012 and I thought that it looked downright incredible. I watched trailers, streamers and even my friends play through dungeons and explore the oriental themed world, but I still didn't actually resubscribe. One of the main things stopping me was how far behind I was on expansions. I would need to purchase Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm AND Mists of Pandaria in order to play with my friends once again. Luckily, Slooze's girlfriend met a young man by the name of Fung, and he was nice enough to gift me an account with all of these expansions already purchased (besides Mists). In my excitement to return to Azereoth I went out and bought the collector's edition of Mists of Pandaria and rejoined by friends in a fresh server under the guild name "Mongolian Chop Squad."

I rolled a Troll Hunter named Tsunemi and leveled up fairly quickly. I played a lot, but not nearly as much as my first dive in. I quickly found WoW's "Pokemon" emulator appealing and decided that I was going to become the best Pet Master in the world....or at least server...okay well guild. Best Pet Master in the Guild! My goal was the Celestial Tournament on The Timeless Isle, and I wasn't going to quit until I did it. I got really really into it! In a way, World of Warcraft does a very good job at rewarding players every step of the way while they level up, and this parallels to all of the side content in the game. While you fight stronger and stronger monsters, you pick better and better herbs and mine better and better ore. This carried straight into pet battling, forcing players to battle stronger and stronger pets in the newer zones. My time not spent running dungeons was spent leveling, buying, battling and capturing pets or fishing. I fished a lot. I finally was strong enough to make it to the Timeless Isle and try my best at defeating the Celestial Tournament and...I got dismantled. Imagine what Pokemon would be like if The Elite Four was actually an incredible challenge...that's how it felt. Not to be discouraged, I researched and fought the Celestials as much as I could to develop a strong team to best them and thanks to my guildmates allowing me to use some of the best battle pets in the game, I finally beat The Celestial Tournament! I reached my goal in a game about reaching goals, and I couldn't have been more satisfied. Someday I plan to write a post going a bit more into Pet Battling in World of Warcraft, so stay tuned for that! Ultimately, I took a small break from WoW again, but this time I was satisfied. I grinded Pet Dailies, I maxed out fishing, I even tried my best to help with Dungeons and Raids and I was content to hang up my bow for a while.

My Troll Hunter, "Tsunemi".

When Warlords of Draenor was slated for a release date in November of 2014, I figured this was my chance! I can finally join in on an expansion release! I resubbed and prepared for Draenor's release battling...and making a Dwarf Rogue to level with Enrique! My Dwarf Rogue, Voulke, quickly became my favorite character. Apparently rogues were my calling! It was definitely the most fun I had in combat in my history of playing the game. Anyways, Draenor released and I played it all the way up to it's first end game, and I had a good time. It was pretty well accepted as a "bad" expansion, but honestly I didn't have anything to compare it to. I definitely felt like I had less of an end goal, even on the Battle Pet front. Ultimately, after a few months I stopped playing again. I undoubtedly had fun, it was great to be an equal for once, instead of trailing behind, but it definitely lacked what I loved so much about Pandaria. 

Voulke, my Dwarf Rogue....I AM BATMAN

Alas, here we are. With Legion right around the corner, Slooze, Scarskull and myself have resubbed and returned to the world of Azeroth. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play much at all, but I'm so stoked to jump back in! I've been exploring the new pre-expansion zone, Tanaan Jungle. Luckily, Tanaan Jungle has a lot to offer in Battle Pets with a new batch of Legendary Pets to take down, and I'm actually pretty capable of following the story this time! You probably have seen our dear Slooze streaming WoW here and there, and I'm just about ready to join him. I'm just trying to grind out a few more Summer Event Crates for Overwatch before I do! We'll have Legion updated and installed on every PC come release time so stop by and play with us if ya can! I'll try not to die in dungeons, but I'll kick your ass in a Pet Battle. See you in Azeroth! 

Voulke, Thordun and Asthenio

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