LAN Mob's Recommended Reading

Ever wonder what websites the team at LAN Mob visits on a daily basis?  We've emptied our bookmarks to give you a list of blogs, websites, sub-reddits and other sites we enjoy frequenting to stay in the loop on gaming and on life.

Sage's sites:

Co-Optimus - Dedicated to co-op games
Cheap Ass Gamer - Deals on video games - Japanese video game news
SiliconeraInternational and niche games
Kotaku - Video game news & reviews
Urban Samurai - Blog about living under the Bushido Creed in NYC

Slooze's sites:

Philosophy Bro - Humorous, profane take on Philosophy
/r/DIY - Subreddit on doing things yourself
/r/philosophy - Philosophy discussion subreddit

Connor's sites:

Hubspot - Inbound marketing resource
Favorite and Forget - Constantly updated list of quirky/useful sites
Makerbook - A hub site with resources for creatives 
/r/webdev - Web dev resource and guides
/r/games - Quality Game content; not to be mixed up with r/gaming
/r/InternetIsBeautiful - Fantastic creations of the web

Enrique's sites:

Destructoid - General scope for games - International and niche games
Surrender at 20 - League of Legends info

Bossman's sites:

Mr Money Mustache - Early retirement through Badassity
Mint - Budgeting and Personal Finance like a Boss
Zen Habits - Blog focusing on decluttering, focus, and other zen tricks
Xkcd - Web comic
/r/pokemongo - Feeding Bossman's Pokemon Go habit since 2016 - The best damn Twitch channel on the Internet featuring Smash Brothers for Wii U, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more.

Have a life changing website to share?  Post it in the comments below!
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