Just do it

Words to live by

A few times in my life I've found myself sitting & waiting for things to happen around me.  This ranged from a years-long wait - for example the entirety of my high school, to months-long, like waiting for a task to be given to me at a job.  I was a baby in the sense that I needed attention and to be fed every detail of how and what to do.  Even the process leading up to the forming of LAN Mob was years of me hesitating and waiting for easy money to appear, until I finally gave up and just bootstrapped the business using every mean possible.

The public education system I was brought up in had a way of reinforcing this thinking, and I think the US education system is just now starting to realize that the most valuable 21st century workers are those who can think for themselves, and not those who need to have everything defined for them.  The most valuable workers now are those who take calculated risks, possess the ability to be creative, can learn for themselves and are not afraid of failure.

Being a pro-active worker means thinking for yourself about what needs to be done, and then accomplishing those tasks with minimal oversight.  It also means taking on tasks you may feel under-skilled or even incompetent in.  We're privileged to live in the Internet era where - with Google and YouTube - practically anything can be learned on our own with a bit of motivation.  This massive amount of knowledge means there is literally nothing in the world you can't learn to do on your own now - for free!

A common block people run into when taking this path is known as "impostor syndrome".  The thinking goes "I'm not qualified to do X thing, because I don't have Y certificate or Z degree, and therefore I'm an impostor!"  It's good to remember that for any task, there was somebody at some point who had to do that task for the very first time.  They were pioneers who were unafraid of failure and willing to take risks in order to learn and grow.

I've felt the impostor syndrome myself many times through life, and I imagine I've made more than one person think to themselves "Man, this kid knows nothing."  But I've used those experiences to constantly be learning & growing, gaining confidence and leveling up.  Now in any given situation I can call on my past experience and knowledge to apply a relative level of kick-assedness.

So if you find yourself in the situation where you're not quite sure if you have what it takes, take the words of Shia Labeouf and JUST DO IT.  You might fail, or do a poor job, or maybe even find things go surprisingly well.  The important thing is to take that step from thinking to doing!
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