Finding Enjoyment in Discomfort

For a while I practiced commuting by bicycle, living only a few minutes from my work.  This saved money on gas and helped get the blood flowing in the morning, and I found I had crazy productive mornings of coding.  I had bought a slew of gear with the plan of biking through winter as bicycles are proven all-weather vehicles, but I chickened out at the first sign of a snow plow barreling down the street.

During my few months of commuting I would occasionally get caught in the rain, and the first time this happened I was really bent out of shape about it.  Slippery roads and the idea of getting clothes, shoes & bike wet was discomforting, as I could feel the back tire splashing water up my back.  That discomfort slowly faded as I adjusted to the ride, and I began to notice things like how much easier I could hear traffic approaching behind me on the wet road, and how the rain had a cooling effect on both ambient and body temperature.

I started to adjust to the ride as well, getting comfortable with braking & turning on wet road.  It was then I realized it wasn't such a bad thing, and I actually started to enjoy the whole experience.  As I pulled up to my home I was grinning and wanted to actually keep riding.  By placing myself in a situation of discomfort I discovered something I found really enjoyable - cycling in the rain.

We all have comfort levels and boxes we build in our own lives that begin to guide our daily habits, and it helps to push those boundaries to put ourselves in unfamiliar situations that are outside of our comfort levels.  This is where growth happens: be it learning a new character in a game, overcoming a fear or learning something new about ourselves.
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