Bossman's Pokemon Go Vacation Wrap-Up

Bossman recently completed a Pokemon Go vacation all over Central New York on a quest to catch them all.  His final count was 93 Pokemon caught.  His posts can be viewed here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

By the time you read this I'll be back in my office at work, sipping coffee, ignoring the ringing phone and unread emails while gazing out my office window thinking about the ones that got away.  If only I had used a raspberry on that Seadra and where in bloody hell do Dragonites spawn.  So I didn't catch them all, and frankly didn't come close.  My trainer days are over - Pokeballs tossed in a heap in a dumpster next to the now spoiling lucky eggs I never cracked.  I've transferred my Pokemon to the Professor who I'm sure can find good homes for them and the millions of other Pokemon no doubt stuffed in every corner, closet, and cupboard of his home.  I keep getting angry calls from the bank of Pikachu telling me I'm late on payments, and "PIKA PIKA PIKA!"

This is the end of the line for me, but I know there are many others that will continue on in the pursuit of rural Pokemon Go hunting, so let me offer some guidance!

Hunt near Pokestops

There are some hotspots for Pokemon that have very few Pokestops nearby.  Because you're going to be constantly making it rain Pokeballs, it's important to have a source to re-stock.  Ideal walking routes will have multiple Pokestops along the way to constantly replenish eggs, raspberries & Pokeballs.

Spend Wisely

While some people swear off spending, I'm of the belief that it's fine to spend money on something you enjoy, as long as you keep tabs on your spending.  While it's possible to play Pokemon Go without spending a dime, the game encourages spending and heavy users can burn through hundreds of dollars in purchases in a short time.  Like everything you spend gaming dollars on, you have to weigh your enjoyment against the amount of money being spent.  If you can stay near Pokestops you should have no trouble keeping your pokeballs stocked up, so here are (in order best to worst) my recommendations if you plan to spend cash in-game:
  1. Incubators - These make you more efficient walking and hatching eggs.  Prioritize 10k eggs first, followed by 5k, with your "Infinite" incubator soaking the 2k eggs.
  2. Lucky Eggs - Best used for a mass-evolution, where you can knock out tens of thousands in XP.
  3. Incense - Best used sparingly, and ideally when walking.
  4. Lures - Consider this a novelty item but a nice way to liven up a park.  If you're with a group of friends near a double or triple Pokestop, you can often agree to rotate lures and share the burden.

Find Parks & City Centers

These are often loaded with Pokestops and have nice walking trails away from traffic.  If you're lucky enough to find a park on the water or near a beach you'll have a nice variety of Pokemon spawning.  Dog parks are less than ideal when walking while staring at your phone.

Encourage Information Sharing

Talk to other players nearby, tell them what you've spotted, compliment their shoes, and then find out everything they know.  There could be an uncommon or rare Pokemon waiting just off your radar that they can point you in the right direction for.

Good luck adventurers - may your throws be straight, your pokedex full, and your pidgeys overfloweth.
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