A Trip Down Memory Lane

There's something in the air that sparks an impromptu WoW character reroll with a group of 5 friends.  

Last night, I had the great fortune of sharing in an adventure with some of my favorite people.  It brought back a sensation in social gaming that I hadn't felt in about 8-9 years.   If you had watched our twitch stream (twitch.tv/lanmob) last night, you would have seen Scarskull, Sage, Connorkaze and another Butters Bro, we'll call him Fish Paste, and I all embark on the quest to rush to level 20 with fresh toons.

     Slooze: "What does everybody want to roll?  Alliance or Horde?"
     Scarskull: "Alliance."
Sage: "I definitely don't want to make another Dwarf."
Slooze & Scarskull: " :( "
     Scarskull: "Well, not humans. Humans are boring."
Slooze: "Not Worgen, either.  They're too dreary.  So Draenei, Gnomes or Night Elves?"
Sage: "I'm fine with Night Elves."
Scarskull: Yeah, Night Elves are fine."
Connorkaze: "Ok."

There we were, a pack of no-good Night Elves wandering through the isle of Teldrassil.  It all started out very simple.  We all collected the starting quests and managed to progress together, but that was short-lived.  It wasn't long before Scarskull found himself in the parental role of catching up and slowing down when we inevitably began to split.  He did an incredible job, so props to him.

Quickly we closed in on level 10, where it was decided that we would walk as 5 to The Deadmines dungeon (level ~15 dungeon) in order to close the gap to level 15 and unlock the Dungeon Finder feature.  

However, before any of this, it's important to note that we spent a good amount of time goofing off dueling and pet battling.  Scarskull was able to show off his superior heirloom- I mean - his inherent dueling mastery, while Sage pet battled a very confident Tyler.  

Our Team:
                          Scarskull - Warrior (Tank)
                              Slooze - Priest (Discipline)
                                 Sage - Druid (Balance)
                      Connorkaze - Hunter (Beastmaster)
                         Fish Paste - Mage (Arcane)

And just like that, we were off. We were able to catch a direct warp to Elwyn Forest due to the Darkmoon Faire, which put us right next to Westfall, where The Deadmines were.  We made sure to stop and do the Hogger quest before we passed into Westfall, but why did the turn-in have to be all the way back in Goldshire!  We passed over zones and headed towards Sentinel Hill.  There we set our inn, sold junk and repaired our gear.  The world event was happening in Westfall at the same time, so we figured we'd stick around and get some gear..... but not before flying back to Goldshire to turn in the Hogger quest.  

What we accounted for at the last second was that we had to fly through Stormwind before flying to Goldshire (BLIZZARD WHY) and the world event in Westfall began right as we flew out of the zone.  Scarskull was flustered, but I knew we'd get back in time if we used our hearthstones to get back.  We did with the objective progression at only 72%.  We piggybacked two events and most of us got some sweet gear..... Most of us:

Thus began our dungeon grind to level 20.  At first it was difficult.  Having only one healing ability and a pretty decent bubble on a relatively short cooldown was met by the constant struggle of the global ability cooldown.  I let Scarskull die a few times but we made it.  Each time it got easier to run Deadmines, trimming down a 30 minute run all the way down to about 15 minutes.  We all hit level 15 around the same time and hit our first major spike: level 15 talents and Dungeon Finder.  In no time at all we had covered several more Deadmines runs, as well as Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns.  

It took about 4 1/2 hours, but we made it to level 20.  In a game that's known to many as an endless grindfest, it was good to remember the best part about it: going on an adventure with your friends, getting relatively crappy gear that's better than what we have, progressing together, and simply goofing around.  

I encourage anyone on the grind to rally up their WoW friends and do the same.  Pick a race and run around Azeroth mindlessly gathering herbs, mining ore, battling pets, exploring zones to completion, or just killing some baddies with your buddies.  You never know, it could be the start of an authentic guild experience!

*2 hours later*


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