Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

Quirky classic platforming with a twist of creativity. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer made by these guys at Clever Endeavour Games, and is available on Steam with plans for an Xbone, and PS4 release. The game controls a lot like popular titles like Super Meat Boy and sprinkles in a bit of Super Mario Maker to add in some interesting game play mechanics. 

The goal of each round is to get to the end of the level without dying... CLASSIC! However, each player is allowed to add a single platform or object to the level every round. These can either be used to help players get to the finish or stop them dead in their tracks. Points can be earned every round for certain tasks:

  • Being the only player to reach the finish
  • Being the first player to reach the finish
  • Killing a player with a Trap that you placed
  • Reaching the finish with a special coin item
The trick is no points are awarded if Everyone Dies or Everyone reaches the end. The levels need to be difficult, but not too difficult that you can't survive, but not too easy that everybody makes it to the finish line. The trend for a single game can end up being a constant back and forth between insanely impossible and super easy. It's amazing how much damage a single object can do.

Since objects are placed one at a time as you progress from round to round you can already begin to imagine how each round gets more and more chaotic and hilarious. In my case, I found that by the last three rounds there were crossbows shooting at us from the start, a swarm of black holes to dodge, precise single platform jumps, and swinging doors revolving on conveyor belts stuck together with honey. Despite all that, my friend still managed to make it to the finish line and wave his raccoon hands in the air like he just don't care about black hole clusters.

The game's simplicity and fast paced action makes it easy for almost anybody to pick up and play (at least on the beginner farm and rooftop levels). I would recommend this to anyone who frequently throws gaming parties with friends. It's some sweet pick up and play game play that is sure to bring tons of laughs and zany moments of ridiculous fun!

Sweet features:
Furry Characters (Racoon, Chicken, Horse, Sheep, and unlockables)
Killer soundtrack with sweet bass lines
Creative Mode (Choose your item each round)
Party Mode (Scramble to pick an item from a random box)
Sweet dance moves (see gif above)
Single Controller support (take turns - not as fast paced)
Multi Controller support (everyone goes at once - it's crazy!)
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