The Dog Days of Smash 4

We've reached the final stretch for our weekend Smash 4 tournaments here at LAN Mob.  We've moved the time to 2pm (from 11am, sleeping in on Saturdays baby!) as well as parted ways with our monthly events.  Instead, we're feeding monthly point leaders directly into our seasonal event.  SO COME TO THE WEEKLYS!

Running this circuit has drawn a lot of energy from us here at the shop and it's been so worth it.  Some of us have only missed a handful of Saturdays since we started back in October.  As someone who's been a fan of Smash Bros and been a part of some random local tournaments growing up (Replay, Ninety-Three Cafe, house tourneys), it's been unreal to work at a place that hosts these events weekly.

The community is solid.  Every week that I hit that second loss in bracket, it feeds as encouragement to take something away and get better, if only slightly.  I know I'm far from the best player, and since I don't qualify for the yearly sponsorship through the end of year tournament on September 25th, 2016, at the very least I can try to give the top players here a hard time!

I've loved the excitement of every tournament so far.  There's always some hype happening and if you don't watch closely you might just miss it!  Casting with my main man Sage has been the best part, and a product of many years of playing smash in our younger years (THE BABY SUITE LIFE AMIRITE?!).  I'm happy that it's come to this point.

Season 4 could be your last chance to get in on the action here in the LAN Mob League.  Come to friendlies, polish that secondary you've been pocket picking, work on those iffy match-ups and lab with the community.  Bring your A-game on Saturday, and if you're ever feeling discouraged, simply take a look at that LAN Mob Super Smash Bros Community cover photo.  You're the reason we exist.  You're great people and great gamers.  It'll always be a pleasure to face you in bracket!

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