Overwatch Ana Early Impressions, Tips & Tricks

Blizzard has officially released their newest Hero in Overwatch to the live servers last night. Ana, the support sniper. A sniper less deadly than Widowmaker and a support with less single target healing than Mercy, Ana excels at utility, and boy does she excel. A character seeped in lore, Ana has deep seeded lore with characters like Soldier 76, Reaper, Widowmaker and her daughter Pharah. Check out the origins video below!

Ana's Kit

Biotic Rifle 

Damage - 80 (overtime)
Healing - 75
Rate of Fire - 1.1 rounds per second
Ammo - 8
Reload Time - 1.5 seconds
Ana's sniper rifle, a creation using Torbjorn and Mercy's tech, is her primary weapon. The biotic rifle fires darts capable of healing teammates and essentially poisoning opponents, dealing damage over time. It's incredibly important to note that headshots do not affect how much Ana can heal or deal damage. I think this was a wise decision on Blizzard's part, because this could essentially make Ana deadlier than Widowmaker and have more healing potential than Mercy. Overall, I like the feel of the Biotic Rifle, with a pretty cool looking scope and a decent reload function considering it is bolt action.

Sleep Dart

Damage - 5

Duration 5.5 Seconds
Cooldown - 12 Seconds

Ana's first ability fires a sleep dart from her sidearm. Lasting 5.5 seconds, the sleep dart will cause the enemy that was struck to fall on the ground and sleep for the duration. Sleeping enemies will be marked with a "zzz" over their character model. Any damage done to the incapacitated hero will cause them to immediately wake up with normal functions.  Obviously this ability was meant to be used in tandem with your teammates to nuke opponents who are napping before they can react.

Biotic Grenade
Damage - 60
Healing - 100 Immediate Health + 100% additional healing from sources
AOE - 4 Meters
Duration - 5 seconds
Cooldown - 10 seconds

Ana's biotic grenade is the absolute definition of utility. Ana tosses a small grenade that will heal all allies in a small area and increase all healing done to the affected allies for 5 seconds. In tandem, all enemies caught in the grenade radius cannot be healed for 5 seconds. This is absolutely devastating if timed properly. Roadhog's Take a Breather, Zenyatta's Ultimate, Mercy and Lucio's healing will all be stopped in it's tracks allowing your team to burst down targets. Note that the grenade's ability includes healthpacks!

Nano Boost - Ultimate Ability
Damage - +50%
Damage Reduction - 50%
Movement Speed - +30%
Duration - 8 Seconds

Ana's ultimate ability, Nano Boost, has insane play making potential. Nano Boost is a targeted hitscan ability that will immediately spike the target's stats through the roof. As you can imagine, this ability works wonders with almost any Hero, but I've seen it most effective on Genji, Pharah, Roadhog and Reinhardt.  I've seen the ability described by some of our regulars and employees as making your ally go "super saiyan" and that's a pretty good description. It's really scary stuff, but luckily it has a decent cooldown.

Ana Tips and Tricks

- You can not headshot! Go for the body, it's easier and just as efficient

-Remember, you are a support class. Ana is capable of some really clutch heals that can swing a fight back in your favor.

- Hold on to your cooldowns. Wasting a sleepdart for virtually no reason will feel really bad when you need it moments later.

-Ana's sleep dart can incapacitate ulting Heros. Pharah, McCree, Reaper, Roadhog, etc etc.

-Communication! At the very least communicate with your team when Nano Boost is ready and available. Believe it or not I've seen the ability squandered due to communication issues!

Overall I'm enjoying Ana. I think she fills a pretty niche role in the game and requires a sound mind to play correctly and efficiently. That being said, obviously the game is plagued with bad Ana's who refuse to heal their teammates and play as though they are Widowmaker. This is unavoidable. Luckily a lot of Overwatch players seem to feed off of their own glory and Ana is an unsung hero. It feels virtually impossible to get POTG with her, and that's fine by me. When her hype dies down a bit I think Ana will become a huge power pick in the right hands. I think her Nano Boost might be a bit too strong, but with a very organized team you can deal with the threat pretty decently, but some of your team WILL die. I think the best way to deal with Ana right now is Widowmaker or Genji, but including the PTR (public test realm) I've only played about 20ish games with her live and available. Without a doubt Ana is powerful, but requires a team with cooperation and communication to utilize her potential. I'm interested to see how popular/powerful she becomes when Ana players become a little more experienced.

 Got any comments or questions about Ana? Let us know below!

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  1. Have yet to play the character but I remember the early days and how frustrated everyone was over Mei's freeze at launch, and Ana's sleep dart seems to be a similar mechanic. Making it break on damage was a good call. I could see it being a useful ability for putting down a Winston or Reinhardt that's charging at you.