Picking up Junkrat: Tips and Tricks

The single Overwatch character that I've put the most time into is Junkrat.  A combination of a close-enough primary attack and a mobile but noisy ultimate have made for a character that I overwhelmingly enjoy playing matches with.  I've heard the character called everything from overpowered to not competitively viable, but I love the versatility and relatively easy learning curve of the character.  I'll often switch to my pocket Junkrat in a number of situations: when we're close to an objective and the enemy defenses are hunkered down, or even when on defense and in need of some heavy damage output.

"It's a perfect day for some mayhem!"
Here are a few tactics that I utilize when playing Junkrat:

Bounce walls - Junkrat's primary frag grenades will reflect off walls, vehicles, or the ground.  This means you can often soften up or score kills on players that you can't visibly see.  If you're pursuing a player and they duck into a room and out of sight, it's easy to bounce a few grenades into the room in such a way where they reflect off the walls and around corners to score kills.

Far shots Angling up at 45 degrees will give you maximum distance on a shot and can reach quite far over walls and other terrain.  This is great for sieging when you know the general area where an enemy team has their defenses positioned, as frag grenades falling all around them will cause confusion and often dispersion.  You can also angle over or around Reinhardt shields!

Zoning players - Junkrat can completely shut down 1-2 entrances simultaneously with just his frag grenades.  For any given objective there are a handful of choke points that will often see traffic, and as Junkrat you can direct where that traffic heads.

Traps - I often drop traps around high traffic corners or in doorways I expect enemies to cross.  If you're within range when the trap activates there is usually a long enough delay to score a direct hit and kill.

Mines - These can be set up defensively the same as above, but I often have more luck using these in an offensive way, either tossing directly into a filled room or an oncoming attack and immediately detonating.  If you're sneaky enough and follow with a few frag grenades you can quickly clear a room.  A mine will persist through death, so attaching them to a payload while on defense can score you kills from your own spawn room.

Mine jump - A trickier tactic that I haven't quite mastered yet, but you can set a mine and stand on a side you wish to travel, launching you onto rooftops, or just making you a 2-3 second hard-to-hit Pharrah.

Ultimate - By far my favorite ultimate in the game and an amazing siege weapon.  You will get 2-3 of these in any given game if used aggressively.  Junkrat launches a spinning tire of DOOM which you can control while your player remains stationary and vulnerable to hits.  Because of this vulnerability it's best to clear a bit beforehand and have some teammates covering your flanks, then step somewhere out of the way (against a wall is great) to initiate the ultimate.  You're going to make a big ruckus and the enemy team will know it's coming, so use this to your advantage.  Taking routes through tunnels or other hidden areas will cause a lot of confusion as the enemy team scans madly trying to locate the attack.  The key to a successful ultimate is reducing the amount of time between when your attack is visible and when you detonate.  Too much time and your ultimate will easily get shot down and diffused.  The wheel is extremely versatile and can climb walls and other obstacles not normally passable - use this to your advantage!  Whoever is left standing after detonation is ripe for cleanup duty, so be prepared to immediately start tossing frag grenades.
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