How to Attack a Mountain

There are many beautiful hills and landscapes across the region which makes it a great area for cycling.  You can hop on a bike and find flats, rolling hills, lakes, forests, brooks, and plateaus by travelling just a few miles any direction.  If you allow yourself to wander you may round a sharp bend and find yourself facing a climb like the above.  It can be a daunting task, and as you ascend the hill just seems to go on in front of you forever, and it feels like you're making no progress at all.  Your legs grow weak your breath begins to escape you, and the thought of giving up creeps into your mind.  Looking up you see no end in sight to the climb ahead.

This often becomes a question of mental over physical toughness.  Our bodies can do amazing feats as long as we don't allow our minds to quit on us.  One practice I've learned to help in situations like this is to keep my head down.  This is not staring at the ground but rather finding some object a short distance in front of me to gauge as a milestone - a mailbox, bush, or rock along the side of the road - and I set my focus there.  When I reach it I scan for a new object ahead of me and refocus.  Eventually piece by piece I'm able to reach a point where the hill begins to flatten and plateau, the ride begins to grow easier, and I can breathe again.  Sometimes I'll glance back from the apex at the hill behind me and wonder how I managed to make it all the way without quitting.

Gaming and life are a lot like facing a series of hills.  The grind can just seem to go on forever with the finish line so far in the distance, but if you focus too hard on how daunting the challenge is you risk quitting.  Instead try setting short-term goals and milestones to reinforce the fact that you're making progress, and by carving the mountain up into smaller digestible bits eventually you'll reach the top.
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