Pokemon GO Early Impressions, Tips and Tricks!

Look Familiar?

    At long last, Pokemon GO has been released in select countries! The augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic is, without a doubt, the biggest mobile game release I've ever witnessed. I frequently see AAA titles taking over LAN Mob and social media feeds, but never in my life have I witnessed a mobile game reach that level. It's all very exciting, even with the blatant issues the game is currently facing.

    Unfortunately, Pokemon GO isn't this magical perfectly functioning real world Pokemon experience. The game has been incredibly shaky right from the beginning starting with Niantic giving almost no information as to when Pokemon GO would be available in certain regions. The world was plagued with individuals loading and reloading their mobile shops praying the app would become available in their region. When players were finally able to get into the game the servers would crash and the app would freeze. This persisted through Day 1 of launch into Day 3, with spurts of functionality in between. This kind of problem is incredibly common in hugely popular online releases, and despite how frustrating it was, we can only hope Niantic pulls everything together soon. If they do, Pokemon GO has the potential to be the biggest mobile game of all time, and I think that's obvious.
     When Pokemon GO is functioning, it's hard not to fall prey to it. The app is incredibly addicting, nostalgic and social. Utilizing augmented reality to catch Pokemon in real time makes for some really goofy pictures. Everybody that grew up in the Pokemon craze wished that Pokemon could be real...well this is close!

The game is pretty self-explanatory except for a few FAQs I've encountered, I'll do my best to answer some of them here!

Catching Pokemon

To catch a Pokemon you first must encounter it. As you are walking around looking at the app, look for small rustles in grass, that's where a Pokemon definitely is! Pokemon encounters can also be seemingly random, but check the "nearby" tab in the bottom right. Pokemon with no footprints are right on top of you, while more footprints mean more of a distance away. Either way once you see a Pokemon near your avatar, poke the thing and enter catching mode. In catching mode you simply have to flick your Pokeball at the circles surrounding the Pokemon. The inner circle makes for an easier catch. You can turn AR off which simplifies things (BUT IS LESS FUN).


Once your avatar reaches level 5, you may join a team. Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic all battle around the world to control "gyms" and earn different bonuses. Simply visit a gym when you hit level 5 to join up! Once you are part of a team, you may begin battle other Teams' gyms, or train at gyms your team owns to strengthen them from enemy team's attempts. The statistic you're going to want to look at here is "prestige" the higher a gym's prestige, whether it be yours or an enemy's, the stronger that gym is.

Various Tips

- Eggs do NOT hatch if you are driving. I assume the software is aware of your speed and assume you aren't walking. (good try)

- CP = Command Points. This is the combat statistic of your Pokemon.

- Pokemon encounters are based on geography. You are likely to find water types near bodies of water, and grass types near fields, etc, etc.

- Pokestops are repeatable! Check back frequently!

- Remember that you have limited Pokeballs. Try to catch Pokemon efficiently!

I'll be writing updates frequently about the newest craze at LAN Mob. It's a bit hard right now since the game doesn't even work half the time.

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