Diary of a 15 Player Lock-In Host

Lock-ins have become a weekly routine for a lot of the regulars at LAN Mob. Every Saturday if we get enough people (we almost always do) we run our overnight lock-ins from 6pm till 8am, with pizza, energy drink raffles, and sometimes even an in-store gaming event. It's a great way to meet new people, hang out with friends, grind for quest points, or simply have a good time. I've never gotten to experience a lock-in from the customer's perspective, but I'm envious of the Romans that get to have this kind of weekend experience readily available to them. A 14 hour binge of all you can play gaming is the kind of thing I dreamed about as a kid.

My very first time hosting a lock-in for the summer was one I won't soon forget. What was looking to be a chill 7 player lock-in that would allow me to practice my Diddy Kong Racing speed runs quickly evolved to a 15 person lock-in during the hot summer heat. Luckily, Butters is prepared for any level of energy. I still managed to stream a DKR "speed run" but as I was expecting I had to get up for 10, 20, or even 30 minute breaks to help the customers settle into their next game/activity. Between the normal lock-in duties, hosting a mini Black Ops 3 money match, outdoor stretch breaks, group sing-alongs and interacting with my co-host, Slipp, the end time for the DKR run was 4:02:01 (not bad).

It was 3am by the time I finished and there was still plenty of lock-in to go. With kids setting up camp under the counters, Figy itching for the next set of quests to conquer, and more Bawls than a Micky D's ball pit I was prepared to make sure everyone had a raging good time, and I believe that was accomplished that night. Apologies to the upstairs neighbors.

Highlights include:
Being old and talking about N64 to kids who have never played
Carry On My Wayward Son sing-alongs
Black Ops 3 match - Losers have to help clean the store
Kids beat teens in Black Ops 3
Figy aiming for 300 points in Starfox and getting 299
Yoga breaks
Lego Racer shenanigans
The begining of LANMobsc (LAN Mob snapchat)
Everyone loves Overwatch
A dramatic reading of the Bawls Guarana's info page

I had a lot of fun hosting this event, and I'll be sure to bring my A game again for the next lock-in that I work (July 17th). 
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