Bossman's Pokemon Go Vacation - Syracuse, NY

Syracuse Downtown
Bossman is on vacation from his day job this week and travelling all over Central New York on a quest to catch them all.  As of this trip Bossman was at 82 Pokemon caught.  If you have a local area to suggest for great Pokemon hunting please leave a comment below!

Syracuse, NY is the largest metropolitan area in Upstate/Central NY and has a handful of great spots to check for Pokemon.  Below are three popular spots I hit up on my recent trip.

Destiny, USA

The old Carousel mall has doubled in size and now offers a number of entertainment options as well as free mall-wide wifi.  I took advantage of the wifi and did have several drops and app lock-ups, as well as some buggy GPS movement, but I'm unsure if it was my phone, the app, the wifi or a combination of all three.  Still I was able to find a lot of Pokemon here thanks to all the cellphone usage.  I was a bit underwhelmed by the number of Pokestops and found my eggs running out quickly.  I caught a Jinx and spotted a Dratini, and Cody caught a Snorlax on a separate trip the same day, so this is a good place to find some rare spawns.  The Panera Bread located a level below the carousel is a great spot to grab lunch with a Pokestop within reach and free wifi.

Green Lakes State Park

10/10 Green
This was a suggestion from Collen B. when I mentioned my lack of water type Pokemon, and a really nice location.  Entry to the park was $8 and you can drive directly to the beachfront, where a walking path around the lake has handful of landmarks and as a result Pokestops.  There are Hitmonchans everywhere as well as a number of water-type pokemon.  Cell service got spotty on the far side of the lake but otherwise this park is worth making a day trip!

Onondaga Lake Park

Located in Liverpool, NY, I hit this park around dusk and it was absolutely packed with Pokemon Go players.  The park has a nice walking trail along the water with a decent amount of Pokestops.  Pinsirs were spawning everywhere as well as water type Pokemon.  At the eastern edge of the park is a small parking area with two Pokestops within reach and constantly lured.  The village of Liverpool just down the block is littered with Pokestops and had live music happening at several locations.


I didn't make it to downtown (pictured at top of post) but plan on heading there for a future trip, as it's within walking distance of a number of restaurants, bars & museums, and with tons of people nearby should make for great rare spawns.  Do you know of any great places in Syracuse or elsewhere upstate that I should check out or you would like me to explore?  Leave a comment below!
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