Bossman's Pokemon Go Vacation - Rt 12B Scenic Route

Whitney Point Dam
Bossman is on vacation from his day job this week and travelling all over Central New York on a quest to catch them all.  As of this trip Bossman was at 75 Pokemon caught.  If you have a local area to suggest for great Pokemon hunting please leave a comment below!

I work in New Hartford and have sometimes found myself in the countryside just south on Route 12B.  It's a beautiful drive and something I've wanted to explore more of, and my quest for new Pokemon I spent an afternoon driving down the meandering countryside in search of new spawns.  This is a path that leads through several small hamlets & college towns from New Hartford to Binghamton.

Cell Service

I use Republic Wireless which relies heavily on wifi hotspots, otherwise switching over to the Verizon network when not in range of a wifi.  Most towns I hit along my route had decent cell service, although travelling just off the main streets would sometimes see a rapid decline in cell service.  Most gyms and Pokestops had no problem connecting to the cell network.

Remote Gyms

Rolling into Deansboro I spotted two Mystic gyms on a road that currently has a bridge out between them.  I parked and in the few minutes it took me to level up the gym saw little to no traffic.  These are great gyms for parking high-level Pokemon that can last through multiple 21-hour cycles to earn dust and coins, and I'll definitely be returning here at the end of the week to grab these gyms.


A little further down route 12B you find yourself surrounded by a small mountain range with windmill farms in every direction.  These are enormous feats of modern engineering and worth parking and taking a moment to stop and appreciate.

Hamilton, NY

Most towns I passed through had very little in terms of Pokestops or Gyms with the exception of Hamilton, a small college town.  The downtown has a square with a roughly ~5 minute walking path near the library, post office and a number of historic monuments, meaning you can hit 6-7 Pokestops in a 5 minute walk.  Unfortunately there were not a lot of players in the area, and the game seems to reward high cell usage areas with more Pokemon, so even with lures and incense running there was not much to catch.  There were events happening further up the road so it may have just been a bad day for spotting other Pokemon hunters.

Hamlets Everywhere

You'll pass a series of small hamlets on your way to Binghamton, so if you're not so focused on Pokemon but enjoying a nice drive, some shopping & small town dining it's a nice option.  Every hamlet will usually have a small town square located near public buildings like libraries, post offices and justice buildings, and these are often also parks with historic monuments, so you can find small clusters of Pokestops as you go.

Return Trip

I've heard Binghamton University is a great location for Pokemon Go, but it was late in the day when I reached it and I decided to head back via 81 North.  The return trip to Rome is around 2 hours, and I had a brief stop where I took the picture at the top of this post - Whitney Point dam constructed in the 30s & 40s to prevent downstate flooding.  The Bellsprout got away!

In my next post I'll detail three Pokemon Go hotspots in Syracuse, NY - Destiny USA, Liverpool Park & Green Lakes State Park (thanks to Collen B. for the tips!).  Know any good Pokemon Go spots or have an area you want me to investigate?  Leave a comment below!
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