The Climb Pt. II

I recently moved up the League of Legends ranked ladder.  Working my way up from bronze III, (my lowest to date) I'm now a happy silver V player.  It's still nothing to brag about, but it feels good to get back to silver after not being able to climb out of bronze last season.  

As I mentioned in my last blog about the league grind, you need to have a strong mental game if you seriously want to climb.  You have to put aside how good you think you are and where you 'ought' to be playing.  You get out of bronze by carrying.  Carrying very hard.  With that being said, your reason for playing ranked in the first place should be rooted in playing with increasingly skilled players.  You will hit a wall and that's where you have to learn.  If you are constantly blaming your team, you will stagnate.  

A new aspect of the grind that I'm feeling as of late is the time sink.  Typically, I would play 4-5 games with mixed results each time.  This weekend was the first time in a while where I could binge on league, which I took advantage of.  I played 12 Ezreal games in two days and won more than half of them.  With a few more games on support/mid I'm already in my series to get promoted to silver IV.  

Another fresh experience during these last few days was not being torn up by heart-breaking losses.  There's no worse feeling than trying to get back into the swing of ranked, playing a few games, losing all of them (while some were very close to being won) and knowing that you won't be able to play again for a period of time. Those games weren't as heart-breaking!  This is partially due to how much I was playing and shaking off the rough games, but also because of how even some of the games were.  Team fights seemed a little more challenging.  With each time I died I could more clearly see the game unfolding at a macro level.  That's how I know I'm moving forward.  

Well, that's all for today.  Just thought I'd share a personal ranked experience and some things I've learned along the way.  Keep on going if you're out there and reading this.  There's still five months ahead of us.  As long as you have two hands, eyes and a brain you have everything you need to succeed.  I'll shoot out another update once I've made some progress.  I'm going for gold!
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