Gaming for Humanity

I believe in gaming as a great equalizer.  While playing games, all of the numerous little things people use to differentiate and draw lines between each other suddenly no longer matter.   Status, age, nationality, gender, orientation, religion, politics - once the game starts everything just blends into one and everyone is purely focused on the pursuit, whatever it may be.  I have seen customers come through the shop who are complete opposites in every other way, but when set to the task of gaming towards a common goal they can easily set aside their differences.

Gaming levels the playing field and forces people to connect at a human level.  That's an important connection that's too often missed, and the kind of understanding that carries with a person through life.  Our shop is one of those unique places where this type of thing can happen, and I'm happy to continue doing my part in maintaining an outlet where that transfer can take place.
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