E3 2016 Day 1 Recap - EA

E3 2016 kicked off yesterday afternoon with the EA press conference. Unfortunately, without going in to too much detail, I fractured my ankle and missed a majority of EA's conference, but I'm here to recap and catch everyone up on anything they missed yesterday!

To anyone unfamiliar, Electronic Arts (EA) is a development studio known for quite a few things but this year's focus and highest anticipation for me personally was Titanfall 2. This is exactly what EA started their conference with! Titanfall 2. Boasting an incredible single player experience (unlike the first game) and showcasing a very unique multiplayer experience. Titanfall utilizes mechs and mobility in multiplayer, which kind of sets it apart from other shooters and will definitely find a niche community. Zipping around with grappling hooks and jetpacks definitely sounds like a lot of fun.

Up next EA showcased some new information about some of their "best" sports franchise, Madden. Madden 17, releasing in August, the newest addition of this sports game titan will include a new mode called "Franchise." Franchise mode will allow you to take the team you built and created all the way through an entire championship run. I missed a lot of this conference but immediately caught up when I could, and I'm not a huge sports game player, but it seems Franchise mode is something that has been highly requested, so good on EA for making it happen!

Next EA gave us a behind the scenes look at the Mass Effect Andromeda and it's environmental art. Mass Effect is well known for making unforgettable worlds and environments by creating entire galaxies. Obviously Mass Effect Andromeda is looking great, and it's release is anticipated, however, Mass Effect is not the type of game set up to flourish in a LAN Center environment and that's okay. There may be a few gamers that sink a lot of time into the title at LAN Mob but for the most part LAN Center is about community and grouping up, and Mass Effect is a demanding single player experience, at least to me.

At this point everyone is familiar with EA and Dice's next Battlefield title, "Battlefield 1". This game is going to be huge. I'm still kind of in shock with how insanely well received it's trailer was, and it has had a huge presence at E3 so far. E3 showcased some game play of this World War 1 shooter (played by a bunch of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Terry Crews) and the game looks...intense, to say the least. This game is massive, with a 64 player game mode with gigantic maps and weapons I don't understand at all. Battlefield 1 drops in October and looks like it is deserving all of it's hype.

To anyone following our blog live, I'm about to recap Bethesda's conference (which I watched intently) and move right into Xbox's presentation this morning. First, I'm going to hobble around my house and try to make some food. Stay tuned!

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