Overwatch, Rubik's Cube & Stepping Away

I've been having a blast playing Overwatch since its release last week, and it's great seeing a new Blizzard IP getting so much play in the shop.  I've mostly been rotating between four characters with a tendency towards support characters, usually taking Lucio or Mercy depending on if my team is attacking or defending, and will switch to either Junkrat or Soldier 76 mid-late game as needed.  All four characters have had a pretty low learning ceiling but are a ton of fun to play.  If you own the game and stop by the shop you're bound to find a match (or two) going.

While preparing for a VR session this afternoon I stepped back into Space Pirate Trainer, beating my previous best score but still falling short of Doom Muffins top score.  I could have kept going but decided to cut my session short this time, hoping to avoid the three-day cooldown the game seems to inflict on my body.  There are just so many great games out lately that I forget we have this amazing piece of technology available in the HTC Vive, and I really need to start exploring some of the new VR offerings hitting Steam every day.  With E3 expo just a few weeks away I'm very interested to hear what announcements it will bring, with new consoles rumored and VR making such a huge splash.

You might have seen me with a Rubik's Cube around the shop this weekend, and this is a puzzle I spent time on but never really solved as a kid.  I challenged Sage with a scrambled cube the other night and he figured it in around 15 minutes, claiming it to be the first time he ever solved one, which furthers my theory that he's ascended to some kind of gaming plane of existence and is just waiting for the rest of us to get on his level.  I spent the better part of 2 hours trying to follow a YouTube video along to solve, and I was this close when I made a couple wrong turns and the cube became completely unrecognizable.  The cube is making the commute with me to work this week to help fill my breaks.

Speaking of work: I had a meeting with the LAN Mob crew this weekend about my involvement in the business.  For the last nine months I've been trying to balance a day job and running the business but doing a terrible job at keeping the two in harmony.  With Connorkaze returning from college for the summer we're at our highest staffing level ever, and it's a good time for me to step back and reduce my footprint.  I have this whole world of responsibility outside of LAN Mob that needs just as much love and attention and I honestly haven't been providing it.  I spent a good part of the long weekend delving into priorities and working on breaking habits, and I'm prepared to return to work with renewed focus.
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