I'm real excited for all the FPSs coming out as of late.In particular I am excited for BattleBorn,DOOM,Overwatch and Gears of War 4.Battleborn is a FPS-MOBA hybrid that reminds of Monday Night Combat but also Borderlands with its PVE.Overwatch is a Hero based-arena shooter by Blizzard, and Gears 4 is Gears.Don't know much DOOM and I'm not too interested in it with BB and OW in the same month.Currently preoccupied with the Gears 4 beta that lasts until May 1st.Two days afterwards Battleborn comes out while Overwatch's "early access" Open beta starts that same day(if you preordered/prepurchased OW.Otherwise wait till the 5th).After OW's week long beta,it finally comes out May 24th.Battleborn's and Gears 4's beta have me sold so far I'm really looking forward to Overwatch as the salty gods have not granted me access to the closed beta nor the stress test.

First up on my hype list is Battleborn.I was iffy on the game because of how little I heard about it up until the beta.The only source of info was from my brother who was really hyped for it and I couldn't figure out why.After playing the beta I was upset at how little I knew of this game,I would have completely ignored it otherwise!Battleborn's a FPS-MOBA mashup.If you ever played it,it's like Monday Night Combat from way,way back.It has a Story Mode and PVP with a large roster of characters.Both the story mode and much of the dialog between characters makes me feel like I'm playing Borderlands the MOBA.I adore the Borderlands but I'll do my best to not show my bias.I believe the character roster stands at 20 characters currently with 5 more planned as DLC.Each character has their role,as expected of MOBAs such as Assassin,Tank,Healer,DPS,Bruiser etc.If the beta is anything like the base game,you'll have handful of characters to start out with and will unlock the roster as you level up or by completing challenges.My only gripe with the game.As you know,I enjoy my grindy games.And it truly pains me to make the connection but from what little I understand,Overwatch gives you access to all the heroes from the get go.
     There appears to be 3 types of PVP but only two of them were avaliable to play in the beta.The first mode function like your typical MOBA, as you and your team guide minions to destroy the enemies core.Except the there are two cores and they are giant robots that fight back.The second mode reminds me of SMITE's arena mode where you guide your minions to an incinerator to sacrifice them.However, reaching halfway to the goal,the incinerator changes to a location closer to your opponet's base.PVP as a whole reminds me heavily of Monday Night Combat,which was like a tower defense MOBA hybrid.You farm credits to build turrets,heal bots,speed/slow turrets and even siege minions in certain modes.In Battleborn you can also use those credit to activate your equip items that will give you stat buffs/debuffs and even new passive abilities.From playing around in the beta,I found that you can get equips from completing story missions or buying them from packs earned with in game money.I made the error of accidentally skipping through the tutorial explaining how my inventory works(t__t)In game,your characters levels from 1-10.You have a choice of picking between two talents.From the few characters I played,the talents are split between focusing on offense or focusing on defense/utility.In some instances,these talents completely augmented a skill.I chose one where my minigun would no longer overheat but instead catch me on fire! There are also character challenges and levels to complete which can unlock a third talent called a "mutation".Haven't played one character long enough to unlock or experience mutations sadly.Each characters have their own abilities and passive,really felt like each character was their own.I'm counting down the days until it comes out.I hope me being this hyped does not raise my expectations to disappointing levels.

Next beta that I tried was the Gears of War 4 beta.Admittedly,this won't be as...robust as my write-up about Battleborn.I've been hooked since Gears of War 2,so I know what to expect out of  a Gears games.I haven't had the chance to play as much as I would have liked of the Gears of War 4 beta.Partly because my first few games were horrendous because of the rust and partly because I've been so busy.From what little I did mange to play, I did enjoy it.Graphically it does look a bit rough but I'm hoping due to it being in its beta phase.Despite that,it feels familiar,like playing Gears of War 3 again.With this iteration of Gears comes two new cover mechanics, the "Yank and Shank" and the "Vault Kick".Both are meant to combat you and the enemies from endlessly shooting at one another while sharing different sides of the same object used for cover.The first maneuver,the Yank and Shank, lets you grab opponents from cover(The Yank) and upon successfully completing this the enemy will be stunned and open to a knife execution(The Shank).The second maneuver,the "Vault Kick"is where you can dive over cover and stun the enemy,leaving them open to a knife finisher.Not to be confused the vault manuever performed while in cover ,the Vault Kick is performed while in your roadie run.Luckily with both maneuvers,there is a brief moment for the would-be victim to counter and open up their would-be attacker to a knife execution.Hoping I can play more of the beta before it ends.Real excited for what's to come.I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for its launch later this fall.

Next up is Overwatch.I know zero about this game other than it looks like a Hero-based arena shooter.I was hoping the salty gods would bless me with an invite right until the end of the closed beta.Didn't get invited to the stress test either (t__t).Salt aside,I haven't looked too much into this game other than what's on the surface.I'm hoping to satisfy my curiosity with the open beta May 5th-9th.Or,you know,suffer some crippling buyer's remorse :D

Like I said,I haven't looked into DOOM.It has a pretty awesome history but there's too much going in May to go out and buy a third game.I'm not about having white rice and staring at a drawing of a piece of chicken for dinner ORZ

With all that said,May's looking pretty dope for my FPS fix.I might even stop playing my favorite Canadian FPS MMO/Capitalism-Simulator Warframe just to have enough time both of these games once the end of the month rolls around.Maybe :3
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