Warcraft, World Bosses, and Wizards

With hundreds on MMOs out there, ranging from the mainstream "World of Warcraft" and "Runescape" to "WildStar" and "Blade & Soul", it can be hard to get into this genre of games. MMOs are personally one of my favorite types of games because of a large amount of content and community-based play that many MMOs encourage. Nothing compares to teaming up with 100s of complete strangers to work towards a common goal, ranging from defeating the giant world boss in front of you or helping your server succeed in WorldvsWorld. MMOs, in my experience, have the nicest and most helpful communities. Veteran players will go out of their way to escort and educate new players, offer tips about certain classes and lead the charge against bosses. MMOs also offer rewards for helping others, such as achievements for reviving X players or exclusive items for being a positive player. While many MMOs require a lot of time spent grinding, having a group or guild of friends to team up with makes it a much more enjoyable experience, because who doesn't like slaying ogres and dragons with your pals? MMOs also offer a much more open gameplay experience. Want to learn to be a master smith rather than be an explorer? That's fine. Rather make your money gathering rare ingredients and selling them to the highest bidder? That's fine too. Or you could grind dungeons 100s of times in hopes of getting that one legendary drop. In MMOs, you have almost unlimited options in how to spend your time, which is why they're my favorite genre of games!
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