Tips and Tricks to Survive a Lock-In

Bossman - My best advice is to bring a friend!  The energy at our lock-ins scales up with the number of attendees.  The wider the variety of games & players to team up with, the more fun everyone will have.  Expect the next 24-48 hours to be a groggy mess, but try to get back on your normal sleep schedule as quickly as possible.  Our natural body REM comes in 4-hour cycles, so if you're looking to get some sleep during the Sunday after a lock-in, set an alarm and aim for a 4-hour nap.  You'll be a little groggy when you wake up but once your usual bedtime rolls around Sunday night you'll be ready for a solid 8 hours sleep.

Connorkaze - Sleep takes away enough time from your life anyway; It's time to get even! Take back your time from the sinister sleep schedule your body forces you to follow!
Tips: There's no better advice than Bringing/making a friend. The friend will stop you from going to sleep. Friends don't let friends sleep on their paid gaming time.
If you really are going for a solo gaming grind (I believe you're missing out on the lock-in experience but I'm also glad you chose to come to LAN Mob to do it, so have at it, friend) be sure to pick an engaging game, and not something monotonous. While it may be tempting to spend your 12-hour marathon taking out a chunk of your favorite epic RPG quest, I recommend something with a little more engagement. Video games do a great job of immersing the player, but if you disconnect your body from your mind for too long your body might just turn off on you, and you'll look like a MattyB (LAN Mob veteran) at the 6am mark.

Cody - There's no doubt about it...lock-ins are brutal. Gaming for 14 hours is amazing and an incredibly good way to spend your Saturday night but obviously it takes its toll. However, for the first time in public, I'll tell you the secret to getting the most out of your lock-in and surviving until the fabled 8am. WATER! Drink water! Typically during a lock-in I drink 2 waters per 1 energy drink, and it seems to work pretty well. Conversing with all of you guys helps keep me awake too, so bring/make friends! Also, make sure to get up and stretch a little bit. Moving around will go a long way.
 Sundays following lock-ins are a little tough for me. Back in high school, I could stay up for days on end, but now I'm a decrepit old man at 23 years old and I just have a hard time. I asked resident Lock-In King, Quentin "Kindrid" DeJosie, the legend who has made it through almost every lock in what the magic trick is. Kindrid said he's simply a natural at it, having demonic stamina to get through the night and make it to work on Monday. Quentin also says it's important to stay busy on Sunday, as to make sure you get a good night's sleep Sunday night. So there ya have it! The ultimate secrets culminating from our 20+ all nighters here at LAN Mob.

Zachary - Lock-ins are such a unique way to spend your Saturday night in Central New York.  I'd like to think that I handle the lock-ins pretty well, I'm still high energy come 8 AM when the store needs the most love.  For anyone wanting to give the lock-in experience a shot, I would recommend having a good run or some sort of physical activity during the day followed by a quick nap.  Going somewhere with the purpose of gaming all night is an investment of your time, so optimize the experience!  Getting some good physical activity in before a lock-in will increase your overall energy, improve your focus and help you get over that 4-6 AM lull that so many of us face.  Not only that, but you'll have less of a desire for caffeine, or rather, less of a need for it.  This will give you an opportunity to get good rest post-lockin and get turned around for the early Monday morning.
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