This week at LAN Mob (mid-April edition)

The HTC Vive is on its way!  We'll need a few hours to, uh...research it next week, but expect by mid to late week you'll be able to stop in and give it a try.  We've heard that people just don't understand VR until they actually try it, and we're excited to give it a test run.  These babies are super rare right now and won't be hitting mass market until June; you'll be hard pressed to find these anywhere else!

Our in-store quests have gotten off to a nice start, with Tax1k, Kindrid Skylar and DoomMuffins all reaching the 250 point milestone and closing fast on the 750 mark.  We're adding new quests daily and hope to always have a quest available, no matter what game is being played.

The League grind continues with Lost 0nes winning his promo series and moving on to Silver V.  Kindrid Skylar is in the middle of his provisionals and should be ready for ranked this weekend.  I've been playing a lot non-ranked Sona myself with the hopes of doing provisionals when I have more time later this summer.

I wanted to recognize the LAN Mob team for all that they do to run the shop on a daily basis.  My physical time in the shop is limited due to other responsibilities, but they're constantly taking care of all the little things that make a LAN Center tick.  I'm grateful for that every day.

Our summer program planning is in full swing - expect to see more details released soon!  We're really aiming for a well-rounded experience for our day campers, with lots of content & goals to reach.  If you're a parent looking for a summer camp this will be money well spent.

New games you can find in shop - Ratchet & Clank, Star Fox & Gears of War 4 Beta (we only have a few early beta invites but should have more available next week when the open beta starts).

It's spring break and we're open every day at 10 AM - day passes are $25.
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