This week at LAN Mob (early April edition)

This will be a regular series where I detail events happening in and around the shop, to keep everyone up to date with the latest happenings in our community.

Our big announcement today is a new in-store Quests system!  These are a series of video game challenges which when completed in shop rewards points to earn free stuff (Bawls, Night Passes, Day Passes, Week Passes!).  Details will be up on the website later this week complete with leaderboards, but you can talk to an attendant today and they'll fill you in on any quests available for your favorite game.

The League of Legends fever has been spreading throughout the shop.  It's rare that I stop in some night and don't see a league match (or three) ongoing.  Some players have joined the ranked grind, with Spydude43 hitting Bronze 1 this week on his way to Silver (just as soon as his AP regents are complete!).  Lost 0nes is continuing his Bronze grind approaching Bronze 1, and Kindrid Skylar has become our most newly minted level 30.

For new games in the shop - Dark Souls 3 hit on Tuesday, and you may have caught Sage's degenerate all-night stream.  We've been dealing out swag all week at the shop, with Alpha winning a limited edition key-chain for beating the first boss, and MattB working hard on taking out the second boss for a shot at another prize.  A wild Enrique has been spotted playing Battleborn, and I'm prepared to hop into the Overwatch stress test this weekend.  If you're interested in any of these new games stop by the shop and have a look.

There is some interest in Heroes of the Storm around the shop, and you can find Tax1k most weekends grinding out ranked.  He's very interested in getting a team of five together, so if you play or are interested in the game seek him out!  Smite is another game that has gotten regular in-shop play, generally mid week (Tuesday - Thursday).

Draxsel and Grey made the journey to Pound 2016 where they entered the Sm4sh singles event with the some of the best Sm4sh players in the world.  Both players got some time on the main stream, which we had up on both sides of the shop, causing everyone to drop what they were doing and swarm the televisions.  Draxsel made it the furthest, winning through the loser's bracket of pools and upsetting DKWill in Round 2 of pools before falling to a Mewtwo main and tying for 49th out of 550+ entrants.  For his first major he performed really well, and he'll spend the next three months hitting up local events courtesy of LAN Mob.  Follow Draxsel's progress on our website here.

At the conclusion of LML Week 2 we ran a special free "reverse mains" tournament, where every match was played against the other player's main.  This was a huge hit and I personally learned a good bit playing against Yoshis on effective plays (pro tip: throw more eggs).  Slooze (R.O.B. main) cruised through winner's bracket and scooped the tournament with a win over Tax1k (Toon Link main).  Expect more special events like this following our LMLs on Saturdays!

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