Remoting from Rochester: An homage to #Slack

I work at LAN Mob from Rochester. How I do it?

I'm going to start this article with a shout out to for being an effective communication tool for any business but especially for a LAN Mob employee living in a different city. I've managed to stay more or less on top of the happenings around LAN Mob even while attending college and working two other jobs to bring home the bacon. Slack uses channels to filter conversations based on their relevancy to certain areas of business, while also having very helpful search features to make anything that's ever been posted easily retrievable. The mobile app is very clean and quick to use making it a great tool to check on-the-go. Slack is a very integrated part of my life and has made my LAN Mob job a lot easier than it would have been had we been relying on email or anything else for communication. Thanks Slack

Endorsement over: 10 out of 10. Would Slack again.

What Slack doesn't provide is face-to-face interactions with the customers, which is very important to the success of a small business. Getting to know our community is how we make the best decisions to give everyone the valuable gaming service they deserve. I'm very user experience focused and try my best to see things from all perspectives to come up with ideas that satisfy everybody. Baring in mind, you can't satisfy everyone and you are limited by the resources that are available. Can't win 'em all, right?

Coming home for spring break, I have learned so much about the frequent LAN Mobbers and LML Smash guys that I couldn't learn about through secondary conversations on Slack with the team and by watching the Smash stream every Saturday. I love seeing how tight-knit the gaming community around my town has become because of LAN Mob. It's amazing to see the roads of life that have opened for the like-minded gamers of Central New York. Thanks LAN Mob. You have brought so many people together.
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