Entering The Gungeon

The latest game in Sony's "Launch Party 2016" event is a beautiful indie title called "Enter the Gungeon". Now, I've only played "Enter the Gungeon" for a few hours with Slooze, but I already know I'm going to play the game A LOT more.

Gungeon is a hard game to describe, the best I can come up with is a twin stick rogue-like. To anyone who has ever played games like "The Binding of Isaac" or "Rogue Legacy", Gungeon is pretty similar. Each "run" of the game has randomly generated dungeons, randomly generated enemy placement, and even random bosses picked out of a slew of baddies. Controls are simple, but as any rogue-like, the game is pretty challenging.

With over 200 guns and 200 items to possibly get, each run will be significantly different then the last. We'll be streaming "Enter the Gungeon" when we can, over at www.twitch.tv/lanmob! Expect a full review soon!

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