Why Little Mac?

Throughout the history of LML, the one question I've heard the most is "Why do you play Little Mac?" Little Mac is considered one of the worst characters in the game overall due to his horrendous recovery and substandard aerials. However, this is balanced out with his complete dominance on the ground. In order to be successful as Little Mac, you can't just simply rush down people like many people do in For Glory. The key to Little Mac is to wait patiently and look for openings, exactly like the gameplay of the "Punch-Out!" series. In "Punch-Out!" if you make just one mistake it could mean game over. This is perfectly migrated into Smash in the fact that if you make one wrong move as Little Mac, it could mean the end of the tournament for you. The reason why he's so bad in the air is simple: he's just a normal guy! Think about ourselves, as humans. We can't do anything amazing like jump or punch in the air because we can't create any sort of force. That's why I love playing the Bruiser from the Bronx: Little Mac, in my opinion, is the most human of the Smash roster. And besides, who doesn't like to see the underdog take a shot at the title? I'll continue to grind and punch my way to the top of the leaderboard!
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