What it Means to Work at LAN Mob

"The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have."   -William Hazlitt

Since the beginning of time, or at least since the beginning of LAN Mob, the job description of your average LAN Mob employee has been a work in progress.  Originally the idea was as simple as learning how to work a POS system and interacting with customers.  Both of these were true (obviously) but the job has been evolving constantly and hectically which leaves us wondering if we're doing right by our community.

There were many days back in the startup process where the end goal (opening) seemed so unbelievably far away.  Now that we've been open and running strong for 6 months, all we strive for is constant growth.  The end goal isn't any one thing, but rather the opportunity we have to make it anything more than what it is.

For every hour that passes in a casual day, there's two hours of stressful work behind many of the services we provide today.   Each of us have worked longer days than we may have liked, some more than others (Bossman just recently had his first day off in over 9 weeks).  Although we sit in a working environment with one another, the idea of calling the staff a "team" has never made more sense to me.  There are sacrifices that need to be made to ensure we are functioning at 100%.  Cancelling plans is only the beginning.  You become consumed by the action-packed weekends and love every second of it, even if you're just here to lend an extra hand.

Recently we've been streaming individually.  There's seldom a night that you won't catch us live on twitch.tv/lanmob.  We've started doing this because 1.) we love video games 2.) we love our community 3.) we have a stream so why not, right?! 4.) there will always be more that any of us can do.  Becoming complacent in the sum of the efforts that we've made this far will not push us further.  Even last week when I had my first LAN Mob League of Legends stream, I wished that I had streamed longer, or had played better, or had a better overlay for the viewers (spoilers: I did, I just didn't realize it! I'll be back next Monday!)

There was a man from Syracuse who wandered in to the shop a few days back.  He had known about LAN Gaming centers and the first thing he said to me was "This is the best thing that's ever happened to Rome."  Whether or not that's true is entirely up to us.  Our duty is to provide entertainment and value to the community and we are constantly working to improve that.
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