Stressed Out

Stress is something everyone deals with and that's no news to anyone. Stress management is a little deeper of a concept, however. People deal with stress completely differently than other people, some better than others, some seem unable to deal with it at all. A few weeks ago I reached a pinnacle of stress, probably the most stressed I've been in my short existence. Don't worry, this isn't an article pointing out the unique stress of working at a LAN Center (GIVE STREET FIGHTER A CHANCE), it's quite the opposite. All my stress was adding up from working 2 jobs, moving out of my parents house, sick father, new puppy, etc etc. It was an awful feeling and I slowly realized what the problem was. Amidst the sea of both menial and critical tasks, somehow...I forgot to play video games! Outside of Smash brothers and the occasional random party game, I wasn't playing any games with the ferocity and hunger like I was used to. It was dark days in my brain, as I fully surrendered myself to a new lifestyle devoid from the digital adventures it was so used to...and I didn't even know it!

Dramatics aside, after some readjustments in schedule and lifestyle I feel like everything is back to normal. I'm purposely making more time in my schedule to play a variety of games, both single and multiplayer (thank god for handhelds). So, it looks like I need to play video games to stay a functioning human being. That's how I cope with the everyday stresses of my life! Now, when I'm behind the desk at LAN Mob, and in the rest of my life, I obviously know a lot of people who use video games as a stress reliever. Saying video games relieve stress is not a profound statement, in this day and age it's just obvious. I just examined it and noticed it a lot more the last few weeks then ever before and I have some incredible examples. From people blowing off steam by destroying people in Mortal Kombat X's gruesome arena, to people grinding drops to oblivion, as gamers, we all share it in common and it's awesome.

Video games and the world they drop us in let us experience all sorts of nonsense. If blowing up aliens or taking over Europe helps you relieve some stress and blow off some steam, that's awesome. Your uncles' addiction to collecting rare mops blows compared to your hobby of princess saving and war ending. LAN Mob is an outlet for you to go on some adventures you normally couldn't have and get to relax with the community you share so much with. So come in, have a good time and you'll be surprised at how much stress it can relieve. Trust me.

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