PvZ: Garden Warfare 2

Having not played the prior installment of the series (PvZ: Garden Warfare), I feel like I'm entering a whole new world.  I remember the old Plants vs. Zombies on my 360 where you'd fight against waves of zombies while trying to develop an optimal micro game.  Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 plays as a third-person shooter and tower defense. Right off the bat I was thrown into combat as the sunflower, a utility based plant whose purpose is to provide healing for the plant team, as well as dumping on the DPS when the time allows.  Fighting my way through this wildly animated street to the next checkpoint, I familiarize myself with the sunflower's kit as well as his limits.  It wasn't long before I was swooped up in a helicopter and taken to Crazy Dave's backyard.  Here I was given the options of questing, changing classes, and heading right into online multiplayer.  After testing all of the plant types (and zombie types) after only a few minutes of gameplay, I found myself drawn to Citron, one of the three new playable plant classes.

 This time-traveling, bounty-hunting orange appears to have a clear-cut goal in combat: to drop his EMPeach ability on a clump of enemy zombies to damage and slow movements.  The ability also acts as a silence which appears to act as a counter to certain zombie-types.  With the help of his Peel Shield, he acts as a decent guard for more range-based plant teammates such as the Cactus.

In total there are fourteen playable classes between the Plants and Zombies and it appears that certain class archetypes share a counterpart (Peashooter and Foot Soldier as beginner classes, Sunflower and Scientist as healers).  More so, it seems that there are counter picks for many classes (Engineer counters Chomper, Cactus counters Engineer, Citron counters Z-Mech.)  Every character functions differently with unique move sets, health, abilities and most importantly, purpose.

I noticed immediately after playing online that I would need to get accustomed to all of the classes.  Feeling comfortable on a few classes is just fine, but in an online competitive setting it's appropriate to be comfortable with any option.  In doing this, I'll have that much more of an edge when rotating classes online.  That is if the practice pays off!

Among what was thrown at me in my brief introduction to the game, I was genuinely happy while playing.  I'm not the biggest FPS or general shooter gamer, aside from a handful of shmups.  However, the feel of the game, the pleasant graphics and refined mechanics of the characters left me suggesting the game to anyone who would listen.  This is something I haven't done enough of as a LAN Mob employee but it feels so good to have a solid foundation for a new game and to have some input.

I'd recommend this game to anyone passing through, especially if you're trying to find a new game to play with a friend.  You'll find yourself on a quest to find your favorite class type and harnessing a mastery over that class (I'm looking at you, Sage, you cactus/imp fiend). With several different game modes, boredom isn't an option.
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