Let me tell you a thing or two about THE GRIND

If there are two things I'm certain of about myself it's that 1) I have a deep love for white chocolate 2) I really,really love my RPG/MMO grinds. Unfortunately,today will not be a post about white chocolate.For some strange reason,I really enjoy grinding in RPGs.Of course,I mean the act of focusing all your efforts to accomplish some goal(also referred to as farming).For RPGs,it's trying to get that item with the drop rate of 5% or trying to gain that elusive level up by.Accomplishing either usually means doing something repetitive like kill the same monster nonstop or explore this certain region to harvest this certain item.

I appreciate the art of the grind so much because it exemplifies how efficient you can make your playtime.For example,while playing a certain 2D MMO,I would measure how efficient my level up spot was by how much of a percentage to leveling up I could gain within an hour.In the later levels of this certain MMO,it 10%/hr would be considered really good.To put it into perspective,if I stayed farming that particular map,I could level up within 10 hours of game time if I could consistently keep that rate of experience farming.Which looking back on,is super gross to think that I was capable of doing that in one sitting.But it was neat to think that,when focused,I was able to map out how to best spend my time grinding out a task down to how long it would take me by the hour.

Of course,later on in life I learned that it was best to divide that time as it led to me enjoying the other parts of the game and decreased the rate that I would burn out or grow sick of those tasks.In a funny way,it helped prep me for tasks such as working on projects.More so, the penalty of attempting to grind out all the work in one go and end up figuratively dying from it.But that's just me.I do weird stuff with my time like this and rant about how fired up white chocolate gets me!
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