A New Blogger Approaches!

Hello! My name is Drew, and I work at the one and only LAN Mob Gaming Center. I'm currently a Junior attending VVS High School, which makes me the youngest member of our team. But what I lack in age I make up for in being a troll! All jokes aside, working at LAN Mob has been a life changing experience. I've made many new friends, and have been able to experience memorable moments ranging from crazy Smash plays to spending hours gaming and being exhausted with people during lock-ins. On the subject of Smash, I'm also the resident Little Mac main of LAN Mob! I lived in Hamilton NY, but moved into the area around 2 years ago.

My first memory of gaming was playing games like "Final Fantasy VII "and "Legend of Dragoon" on the original PS1 in the back of my Dad's semi while we drove across the country. I'm currently addicted to "Guild Wars 2" and "Tom Clancy's: The Division" and have almost clocked in 1000 hours on Guild Wars 2! (I don't have a problem, you have a problem) I met the LAN Mob crew through a mutual friend, and we bonded over our love for video games and memes. I started out volunteering and running the Twitch stream, which led to the job, which led to me writing this post! I love competing with all our regular competitors in the LML, and will continue to sandbag 24/7!

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