Two heads are better than one

Cho' Gall in all of his...glory.
Ever since LAN Mob's opening, I've had the very unique opportunity to basically play any game I want. I already consider myself the type of person to try any type of game and usually like it, but what small uncharted regions I haven't personally explored are being mapped out thanks to this job. MOBAs are something I'm familiar with thanks to playing League of Legends for about 4 years, Smite since Beta, and Dawngate for it's entire microscopic lifespan (rip). DOTA and Heroes of the Storm are two MOBAs I have very little experience with. I don't dislike either of these titles, if anything I've always wanted to play some Heroes of the Storm.

My dear friend and dedicated gaming partner, Anthony, AKA - "Scarskull", is a pretty big fan of Blizzard, the developers of Heroes of the Storm. I'm pretty familiar with World of Warcraft (thanks to Scarskull and Slooze) so the idea of a MOBA using all star Blizzard characters was appealing to me. So after a while of him telling me I need to play the game, we set up a day to meet up at LAN Mob and play. However, the plan was to play one of the newest Heroes characters, Cho' Gall. This Hero is absurdly unique because it is controlled by 2 people. That means there are only 4 bodies on your team with 5 players. Ya see, Cho' Gall is a big 2 headed ogre. One player controls Cho, the left side of this monstrosity. Cho is in charge of movement and smacking the crap out of anything that gets close. Scarskull is the Cho in this relationship. I was piloting Gall, the right side of the creature. As Cho parades us around, Gall is a machine gun of spells and damage.

So here I am, stuck in a body I can't move in a game I don't know how to play. Despite this, as I loaded in under the title " Sca'Sage" (another beautiful touch on this Hero), and Scarskull ran into battle, I was having a blast. Obviously, the main requirement of this character is synergy and communication. Cho' Gall's kits are entwined and rely HEAVILY on your other head to have your back (anatomy!!) With Scarskull behind the reigns while I blew up anything in sight with a multitude of skillshots, we completely destroyed the enemy in every game we played. The Hero really emulates teamwork and all aspects of it. Gall even has a skill called "Hurry up, You Oaf" which vastly increases Cho's movement speed for a short time. It was hard not to feel like a cartoon villian.

I'm not going to ruin the intricacies of this Hero by giving you a rundown of their kits or telling you what to do, I just want to express that Cho'Gall was one of the most unique and humorous experiences I've had in gaming. MOBAs are already somewhat unique as a genre, but this was much more than what I expected. I implore you to find a buddy and give it a try. Scarskull and I are now focusing on being the greatest Cho'Gall to have ever lived. I just hope he understands I'm the smart one.
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