The Fight for Pound 2016

I can still remember the first few weeks of the LAN Mob League.  Adjusting to the weekly Saturday morning routine wasn't too hard.  Early mornings were drowned out by cups of coffee and as the spark of interest spread around the city, we opened our doors to what would become our biggest in-house tournament. Players from all different ages and skill levels had their hand(s) at the tournament to get a feel for what they were getting in to.  In the first few weeks we saw KamakaziFrost and dbot wipe the floors with the competition.  These were the first guys to watch out for.  However, it wasn't long until the third week showcased a new level of play from Syracuse natives Draxsel and Grey.  These weren't your average players who would roll over your friends at a party, they came prepared with very crisp and refined play.  This level of play was something that I had only seen at amateur events such as Smash @ Xanadu.  Now, along with other top performers such as Xifaxan and CF, the performance standard had been set. 

As the competition began to grow, we began to see new faces on different occasions.  The weekly events started becoming a part of people's lives.  You could no longer show up without having practiced because you would be exploited almost immediately.  I even thought that, when allowed to begin playing in the weekly tournaments, I would be able to take down some of these big names.  I didn't realize how bad I actually was until I had the opportunity to face these players on a regular basis!  There is so much experience needed to make split second decisions.  Lots of trial and error, and even more knowledge of frame data and matchups.  I was humbled by our community and how far it had come so quickly.  Our mission for the LML has been, since day one, to build yet another competitive community for people who have a passion for playing Sm4sh. 

Enter Pound 2016 sponsorship package.

With the LML's end goal being sponsorship towards the winner of the yearly event in September, it's important to us here at LAN Mob to keep the competition in top form.  That's why at the end of this season we'll be sending the player with the most points to Virginia to compete in the Pound 2016 national tournament! 

The journey doesn't end here at LAN Mob.  We are simply an outlet for people who are looking to get better at Sm4sh.  When you show up to a weekly and you have a tough bracket, it should be seen as a good experience and one you can learn from.  There will always be someone who knows something you don't, so embrace that! 

Now keep those hands warm! The game isn't over just yet...

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