Smash 4 - February "Smash Day"

    Once a month, the stars align and LAN Mob holds four Smash Bros. tournaments in a single day. These days are held on the last Saturday of every month and are pretty heavy, probably one of our busiest days of each month. Despite this, these days are always pretty awesome, with a plethora of memorable stories and matches. The February "Smash Day" was yesterday and it was personally my favorite "Smash Day" so far. I can't possibly document in detail all of my favorite matches from yesterday, but I can definitely sum some stuff up!

     Starting off yesterday's Smash Day was our weekly Smash 4 tournament, a 13 player double elimination bracket. Right out of the gate, we saw Xifaxan, Draxsel and CF make short work out of their Round 1 competition, leaving 2 matches left in Round 1. Bossman vs dbot and Gary vs Grey. Thanks to some unorthodox egg techniques and up smashes, Bossman made his way past dbot and advanced to Round 2! The last match of Round 1 was Grey vs Gary. A match-up that I've never personally seen, with both players being excellent at what they do, I wasn't sure what to expect. Gary's offstage Yoshi is absurd, and with some fair combo set ups and cartons and cartons of eggs, Gary proceeded to Round 2 in a 2-1. Round 2 proceeded with multiple good sets, a 2-0 by Xifaxan against CF and Bossman defeating newcomer Wilberbeast, a solid Link player. The bracket proceeded with ferocity as CF tore through loser's bracket as Gary made his way to Draxsel on winner's side. CF defeated Xifaxan and awaited his opponent in Loser's finals, which after a 3-0 against Draxsel, was Gary.

      Gary vs CF in Loser's Finals of Season 2 Week 9 is probably my favorite set of all time here at LAN Mob. The first match was CF's Mario vs Gary on Smashville, with CF taking the match with a great down smash on the ledge. Match 2 was the same picks, but on Lylat. Gary hit an early dunk and took the match. The back and forth continued all the way to game 5, with Gary and CF at 170% and 130% respectively. With under 10 seconds remaining Gary managed to hit a fair, sending CF flying.  The fight continues offstage and with less than a second remaining both Gary and CF disappear off the map, with Gary just barely pulling out the victory. Matches like that are the entire reason I love this game so much. Destroying someone in swift 3-0's and sweeping brackets is certainly impressive, but clutch  games like this one take it to the next level. After the match, CF and Gary hugged it out, knowing they put on one hell of a show. Gary advanced to face Draxsel in grand finals, where he was in for a 3-0 against a Bayonetta that remains undefeated.

    The day continued with some Smash 4 doubles, where Draxsel and Grey's team "Game Assassins" swept the bracket. Doubles is a lot of fun on all fronts.  Fun to TO, fun to cast (although it can be pretty difficult) and fun to play in, with the right partner. It's something I'm glad we can offer, even though we have pretty small brackets.

     The monthly Smash 4 tournament was next, with only the best players getting an invite, and the buy-in being a bit higher to ensure the highest competition. With 9 of our fiercest competitors each match was great in it's own sense, definitely check out our Twitch page to watch those highlights. Notably, CF got his vengeance on Gary, Grey got his vengeance on CF and Draxsel took the tournament, only dropping  2 games along the way to Gary and CJ. These victories catapulted Draxsel into the lead for the Pound 2016 sponsorship. With four weeklies and one monthly tournament remaining, it's still anyone's game!

Unfortunately, I missed most of the melee tournament but Wasabi won in dominating fashion. Needless to say, after such a long day, I went home and slept like my life depended on it. I'm sure everyone did. Running non-stop tournaments all day take it's toll but it's a great experience, especially when the community you play with is pretty chill. It's a heck of a way to spend a Saturday.

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