Send me out with a bang

After 8 long years, I finally retired my laptop in favor of a desktop.  It feels...weird.  I've bought countless cooling pads, RAM sticks, and even a new power brick to keep that behemoth going as long as I could.  I remember after the first week of college, I discovered a delightful game called Team Fortress 2 and proceeded to play it that entire Saturday and many more to come.  I've spent many night playing League of Legends (on a touch pad, no less!) with my buds and even brought it to LAN parties for a rousing game of TF2 and Killing Floor.  On the other hand, I've camped out in the library during finals week jamming out to my favorite jazz band while looking up examples on the digital copy of my math books.  I had it overheat and shut down while compiling code for my final project (save often and keep a backup!).  I feared for my life as my laptop died the week a major project was due and paid an exorbitant fee to get a replacement power brick on campus in time to submit it (seriously, keep backups!).

Alrighty, enough stumbling down memory lane.  On the bright side, I can start diving into the hellish queue known as my steam library.  And no more having to deal with fandangling to run games without an actual video card (like many laptops, mine had a chipset that acted as my graphics card).  I'm sad but real excited at the same time.  Think of all those swanky PC titles I could play!  Then again, I have a PS4 (on loan from my brother) and a Xbox One.  If I wanted to play something pretty I'd probably buy it on those instead.  And I'd probably swing by LAN Mob if I really wanted to play something on PC with my buds.

Realistically, I'll probably play my favorite free to play MMO on the rig when I don't feel like being social/go to the mob.  Of course, that has yet to happen.  I've been it a habit to stay a few hours after my shift to grind out a few levels or until I get too hungry.  As for my old laptop, I don't have the heart to get rid of it.  I intend to wipe it and keep nothing but my old college works and textbooks in case I need a refresher.  I don't have the heart to give it a viking funeral.
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