Meet the Eighth Butters

Through reckless gameplay style, the first name Connor, and some punny wordplay from my cousin, I was given the title “Connorkaze” (I know, it looks weird. It’s “Connor”+‘kha-zee’ not ‘kays’). I’m the remote employee of LAN Mob. You may see me around the store on random weekends, but a lot of my work is done in space! Thanks to some mind-blowing developments with modern technology over the past 6 years, even a poor college kid like myself can effectively collaborate with a business from miles away. Making graphics, tweeting tweets, spitballing ideas, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, and don’t worry… I got a lot of gum. I am majoring in Media Arts and Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Media Arts and Technology? What is that?

Well, hypothetical person I made up as a writing device to answer a question readers might have; A better name for the major would be Cross Media Production. My coursework has prepared me to publish quality content across any media platform in a way that is maintainable, efficient, and most importantly looks good!
I am lucky to be a part of this team, and working in an industry that I see as something way more than a form of entertainment (although it is very entertaining). I’ve been playing games since I was three years old and it is actually the earliest memory I can remember; running around the Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star with my brothers, collecting items that we couldn’t even use from treasure chests... for some reason. Some chests were right in your face, but others required preemptive thinking and fast reaction in order to obtain. Since then I have played a ton of games. Got hooked on Neopets for a while (subconsciously guiding me toward the college major I have today). Played World of Warcraft systematically as if it was as natural as eating. Got as many games as I could on the Gamecube. Filled up a Steam library with a respectable amount of PC titles; didn’t even install most of those games. Main'd the one and only Heimerdinger for 2 seasons of League of Legends. Grew up. Lost a lot of gameplay time to life duties. The passion for playing games has almost been replaced by simply watching and learning about games. Their design, their promotions, their public reception, the limits a game can be pushed to;Speed runs from AGDQ really get me going. I have certainly come to appreciate game design on a much higher level over the past few years.

Today I try to play as much as I can. The essence of the Rareware kart racer Diddy Kong Racing entails all of the things that bring me happiness. Music, colors, cute animals, racing, and good game design. I am slowly working on breaking the world record time of one hour and 52 minutes and 20 seconds. Long term goal; Look out for that. I also keep my brain motors running with a little game about efficiency called Infinifactory.  10 out of 10 would recommend. When I’m at LAN Mob you can catch me playing party hat Pikachu in Smash 4, or if I’m really having fun I’ll bust out the Duck Hunt. Beware the Duck Hunt.

This has been a very brief history of the video game life of Connorkaze. If you like games and you wanna read about some from some guys who have a ton of experience playing them, then I urge you to continue to read and follow our blog. Comment, rate, subscribe, share, do all that good stuff that makes a blog great! Check back tomorrow, and I bet you will find some quality gaming content you will enjoy reading about.

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